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Important details you need to know about bone broth

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Bone broth is made from animal bones and connective tissues. It can be made from cattle, chicken or fish. The bones and connective tissues are boiled into a broth and slow simmered 1o to more than 20 hours with herbs, vegetables and spices. This is a drink that you need to drink every day.

Why should you drink bone broth?

Drinking bone broth is like finding nutritional gold. This is something even the hunter gatherer ancestors realised long back. Bone broth has been there for a long time because it has so many benefits. It has also been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a digestive tonic, blood builder and kidneys strengthener. It is beneficial for you because it has high collagen content, bioavailable minerals, anti-inflammatory amino acids and healing compounds. Such beneficial elements are available only in bones and connective tissues and so it is not possible to get them from other sources.

It is full of different nutrients which can give you instant energy and better health. It can also help you to sleep better, make your skin look smoother and suppler. Bone broth is like a superfood and so you cannot miss it.

Bones and connective tissues are good for your health because it contains lots of essential amino acids and minerals. We generally don't get them in enough quantities in our diets. So, one broth is the only way which can help you to get these elements. It is also the source of beneficial protein, type II collagen and gelatine.

Type II collagen is already well known for the benefit for improving the appearance of skin. If you want a potent anti-ageing solution to combat ageing, then this is it. Type II collagen is necessary for repairing torn cartilage, relieving joint pain, strengthening the gut lining, soothing an inflamed digestive tract, maintaining bone density, boosting immunity and for improving sleep quality.

Since you do not consume bones and tissues directly, you can still get the benefit of the powerful nutrients from them with the help of bone broth.

How is bone broth made?

Making bone broth is a simple process but it needs lots of time and patience. It is generally made by simmering any kind of animal bone and tissue for at least 10 hours with vegetables, herbs and spices. Thyme, garlic and bay leaves are some of the common elements which are added to bone broth.

Organic and grass fed bones will produce the most nutrient rich broths. Even though any bone or a ligament can be used in preparing this, feet, knuckles and femur bones contain the most collagen and so they should be used. The slow simmer is very important in producing bone broth. It is crucial because all of the beneficial proteins, minerals and compounds will be released from the bones during this simmering process. It will also make the nutrients easy for absorption and that means your body will be able to pick them up easily and use them when necessary.

Bone broth is not similar to regular broth. Regular broths do not use the long simmer time like bone broth and so they do not contain as much collagen contained by bone broth. Bone broth is a superfood because of all the nutrients, minerals and other beneficial elements which are not available in any other product including regular broth.


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