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Ovarian cysts treatment without drugs and surgery

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If you are suffering from ovarian cyst problem, you can handle it without drugs and surgery. There are many natural remedies available which can help you to get rid of the symptoms and manage pain. Unless a cyst is very large are growing rapidly, your doctor will advise watchful waiting because the system may go away without surgery and medicines.


As a result of pain from an ovarian cyst, the surrounding muscles may tense up. This condition can be more difficult during periods. You can reduce the pain by massaging the lower back, buttocks, thighs and stomach as the massage will lose tense muscles and reduce pain.


Heat is beneficial because it increases blood flow and more blood flow can reduce pain. You can apply heating pad or hot water bottle to the stomach or lower back. Wrap it up in a towel before applying and then keep it for about 20 minutes. You can repeat this process several times during the day and that will help you to get relief from the pain resulting from ovarian cyst.

Exercise and stretching

Exercise and stretching can help you to get rid of ovarian cyst problem. They will reduce the pain associated with it and will reduce muscle tension. Many women find that intense exercises like running help them to get relief from the pain. Some others find relief by doing gentle stretching and yoga. Exercise is also essential for you because it can help you to have a healthy body weight. Exercise is beneficial for you as it can reduce pain by strengthening the muscles. It can also prevent future cyst development and expansion of cysts.

TENS device

Transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation (TENS) is a process where a tiny, safe electrical signal is delivered to the nerves. It can change how the nerves respond to pain. Such devices can help you to get relief from ovarian cyst pain. Such devices are available over-the-counter and you can easily find one that will help you get immediate relief.

Dietary changes

If you want to get relief from ovarian cyst, you will need to make some dietary changes. Many women who suffer from PCOS, also suffer from insulin resistance. Such a condition can ultimately result in diabetes, weight gain and make pregnancy more difficult. In such a situation, dietary changes are very important because such changes can help you to get relief for a longer duration. Even though research does not point towards a specific diet, with little bit of trial and error method, you will be able to find the right diet for yourself.

You will also get benefit from reducing sugar intake. Sugar is present in a wide variety of foods including carbohydrates and so we should be careful not to consume more sugar in one form or another. Eliminate all the foods that can add more refined sugar to your body and include more real foods which are also beneficial for your overall health.

Weight loss

When you are suffering from ovarian cyst weight loss can also help you to get immediate relief. If you are overweight, losing weight will definitely help you buy better regulating hormones. Do also help you to prevent the development of more cysts and improve symptoms of pain and fatigue. However, when you have PCOS, it may be difficult to lose weight and it may need more time than you think but do not get disheartened as it is possible to lose weight even when you have ovarian cysts.


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