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Nerve Renew: Is Legit Or Not?

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The Nerve Renew is a supplement designed to reduce nerve pain related to neuropathy. The Neuropathy Treatment Group manufactures the Nerve Renew supplement, and they intend to improve symptoms associated with neuropathy such as numbness in hands, legs and strengthen nerve linings. For some time, there have been questions regarding the effectiveness and authenticity of this nutritional supplement. It's largely thought to be a fraud; in this article, we look at whether the supplement is legit or scam.


Brief History about the Neuropathy Treatment Group (NTG)


Wes Jones founded the company in the year 2010. The NTG is based in Boise, Idaho, and they specialize in research on natural ways of reducing symptoms related to neuropathic conditions. They also aim to manufacture products that ease the pain and discomfort initiated by nerves. The Neuropathy Treatment Group (NTG) mission is to impress their client base by producing effective products and offering high-quality customer services.


Supplements: How do you Detect a Scam Product?


The supplement industry is an unpoliced and loosely unregulated sector. The billion-dollar industry operates on an honor code and as a result, there are numerous fake supplements flooded in the market. Consumers are fleeced left, right and center by fake companies producing worthless supplements. There's really a big reason to worry.


Despite that, there are genuine and worthy supplements out there. Knowing how to separate the bad and good product is key to protecting yourself from frauds and wasting your money on fake supplements.


First, find out whether there is a research that has been done on a given product. Research and clinical tests support the effectiveness of genuine supplements and not pure fantasy; they are also backed up by statistics.


Buyers review can also provide critical information that will prevent you from buying scam products. The best way to know if a supplement is fake is to look at online reviews. If you comb through the internet, you will find both positive and negative reviews. Additionally, visit websites such as supplement review to find out the genuineness of a product. In supplement reviews, the product reviews are genuine and not just fabricated.


Furthermore, look at the company's website; fake companies have a misleading website. Their homepage has no contact information and may only have an area for you to put your personal information/contacts.


These companies looking to fleece your money will also not give you products for trial because they know it's generally ineffective.


The above factors will help you determine whether a product is a scam or not. Looking at these factors, it's easy to absolve the Nerve Renew from the bracket of scam products. With the Better Business Bureau, the NTG has achieved an A rating thus proving itself as a reliable and genuine company. The reviews on third party websites also show positive review about the product. The following further justifies that the Nerve Renew is a legit product.


1. Nerve Renew meets all US Health Standards


As per health standards set by the DFA, the product has been carefully examined for pesticides and heavy metals in laboratories. All its ingredients are screened to make sure that your body can easily process and digest the product. The Nerve Renew also doesn't interfere with the medicine you're taking to treat your neuropathic symptoms. This product is therefore safe for human consumption and meets the recommended health standards.


2. Refund Policy


The Nerve Renew supplement is a reliable brand. Thousands of people rely on the brand worldwide and the NTG products have been tested; even the high dosages of the Nerve Renew did not show any substantial side effects. The company offers a one-year money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results of the Nerve Renew.


3. Clinical Trial of the Nerve Renew


Today, the market is full of neuropathy related solutions, which makes it difficult for the consumers to know the most reliable and genuine product. In such scenarios, clinical study is the path to choosing the right product. Over 450 users of Nerve Renew were interviewed and the survey turned out to be positive. The supplement was found to be effective and free from side effects. The ingredients used to make the product have also successfully passed the trials thus making the Nerve Renew a unique product in the neuropathy market.


It's a fact that there are companies in the market trying to scam you-they swindle your money by selling fake products, but the Neuropathy Treatment Group is truly not one of them. Having looked at some of the reviews of their website, the consumers' feedback online, and the clinical studies, which have been undertaken, prove that Nerve Renew is not a scam product. It's a supplement you can rely on to relieve and cure symptoms associated with neuropathy.