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Shoulder tightness and its causes

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Tight or tense shoulders are one of the most common complaints people have. It is not only true for sportsperson, but is also true for a normal person. It is common for a person who is not involve in regular sports. If you have shoulder tightness or tension, it will make your daily life difficult for you. At its worst, shoulder tension can cause discomfort, anxiety, loss of sleep and negatively impact your quality of life.

The frequency of shoulder tightness may vary for different people during different time of the year. Generally, cold weather may aggravate underlying problems thereby resulting in shoulder tightness. It mostly depends on your habits and behaviour and so observing your habits and behaviour and modifying them will help you to ease the symptoms.

Causes of shoulder tightness


It is the biggest cause of shoulder tightness. Many people with the skin jobs suffer from shoulder tightness and tension. If you are sitting incorrectly while performing repetitive movements, it will result in shoulder tightness. If you are sitting in a desk and typing in your computer or using the mouse regularly for a prolonged period of time, it will definitely result in a sore back, neck and shoulders. If you do not take any steps, it will further worsen the condition. If the pain and tension increases, the posture will become worse.


Stress has a direct relationship with shoulder and neck problems. Stress can aggravate an underlying shoulder problem and when the intensity of the problem goes up, it can cause stress creating a vicious cycle. However, it's not the stress but our behaviour when we are stressed that causes shoulder tightness.

Hunching against the cold

Sometimes, the weather may be responsible for causing shoulder tension. During the cold days, many people feel shoulder tension. However, it is not the cold which causes this problem but the way we nature really want to hunch our shoulders so that we can brace ourselves again the cold.


Exercises definitely very essential for you and it will keep you healthy. Exercise will also improve your posture, flexibility and core strength. However, you need to understand that all types of exercises should be done correctly. If you are doing exercises with the wrong form or doing it completely wrong, it will create some physical problems for you.

Warming up and warming down is very essential to ensure safety of your physical body. That is essential when you exercise at home or in the gym. It is also essential for players who played different types of games. It is important to look after your shoulders while exercising and playing so as to avoid any type of injury.

Movement habits

Some of our habits can cause shoulder tension and tightness. It depends on how you lived, carry, walk and drive. If there are any faults in how you perform them, it is likely to create some problems for you. If you spend a lot of time doing any of this and you are doing it all wrong and your posture is not correct, it will result in shoulder stiffness and tension. For example, while driving you need to see that your seat is adjusted correctly, otherwise it will cause shoulder problems, back problems and other problems for you. The steering wheel of the car should be at a suitable height so that you don't have to lean forward or slouch while you drive. Otherwise, you will definitely face shoulder problems.


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