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Benefits of Aikido

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Aikido offers many benefits and these benefits will stick to you for life. With regular practice, you'll develop some skills which will not only help you in Aikido practice but will also help you in your daily life.

Physical benefits

You'll see some concrete physical benefits. It will help you to have all around physical fitness, flexibility and relaxation. It is an expansive way of developing power and so it focuses more on activities like denser gymnastics. Performing these activities will help your body to move in a coordinated manner and along with relaxation. Aikido will help you to develop your expansive power and as a result of that, you'll be able to fight your opponent better and overcome a person who is much bigger or stronger. It happens because expansive power can be much greater than your size because you move with your whole body. It will help you to relax and move from the center of your body and it makes you more powerful. Aikido will help your body by developing it in a unique manner. You will need rigorous training but it will prepare your body to face any type of situation. You will develop flexibility of the joints and connective tissues with the help of different stretching exercises and practices. You will also learn relaxation and your body will be relaxed even in case of tense situations. It will help you to generate animus energy and self-defense skill.

Psychological benefits

When you practice Aikido, you not only get physical benefits but you also get other benefits from practicing regularly. Aikido training believes that your mind and body are not separate and condition of one will affect the condition of other.

You will learn physical relaxation in Aikido and that relaxation will help you to have mental relaxation. And the good thing is that this mental relaxation will be there at any situation in your daily life. You'll be able to create a body that moves and holds itself confidently and strongly. The perseverance and confidence that you develop during the practice will manifest in your body. Reflection of the psychological or spiritual inside in your body is very important so that they become your habit and better and show up even under pressure. Aikido teaches you that.


Aikido will help you to defend yourself. It is more popular because it has extreme flexibility inherent in the martial art. It can be used in different levels of security. It can be very gentle controlling technique to the most severe countermeasure. As a result of that it can be applied in a wide range of defensive situations. That is why it is also popular among law enforcement, security, mental health and environment, medical environment, civilian self-defense, women self-defense and children self-defense. Because of its flexibility it can be applied by anyone and get the same benefits. Aikido can also be flexibly adapted to different situations as they arise. If you want decisive, effective defensive skills, Aikido can help you to achieve that. Aikido focuses on self-defense but it does not focus on aggressive striking, which is a difference with other types of martial arts, where striking the open and is a very important part. That is why, Aikido can be a very important part of modern lifestyle.


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