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Quick plantar fasciitis treatments for immediate relief

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When you suffer from chronic plantar fasciitis pain, it becomes very difficult to bear and manage. If you're suffering from pain, how can you work at your optimum efficiency? There are many effective and simple treatments are available which will help you to get relief from the pain quickly.

Find a ball

You can keep a ball with you all the time. It can be a golf ball or mobility ball. It will provide you comfort and pain relief. Roll the ball beneath your food and apply steady pressure so as to massage your foot. You can use this ball while sitting at your desk. If you need to stand for a long duration, you can take a break and rolled the ball beneath your food for some time. It works because when you massage your foot with the ball, it distracts the pain restrictors of your brain and also sends more blood to the arch and heel. If there are improperly healed tears (adhesions), the massage will break that down. If you want extra relief, you can put the ball in the freezer and then use it.


Stretching your feet and the heels will help you to get relief from plantar fasciitis. There are different types of stretches available which will help you to get relief from the pain. And you don’t have to put aside some extra exercise time to do them. You can do them during your break or also while working at your workplace. It is one of the most effective ways to reduce pain and it will also help you to heal planter fasciitis. Stretching well improve your flexibility, strength and will also stretch the planter fascia ligament which will provide you with immediate relief.

Dry cupping

Dry cupping is a method that will help you to get rid of the pain caused by plantar fasciitis. In this method a cup is positioned on the skin to create a vacuum to apply negative pressure which will increase flow of blood to that area. As the flow of blood to the affected area increases, pain will reduce and it will also break up adhesions to the planter fascia.

Use an ice pack

Using an ice is a very good way to immediately reduce heel pain that happen because of plantar fasciitis. You can use an icepack whether you are at home or at work. There are some ice pack slippers available which are in expensive and which will not make it a messy affair. You can put the ice pack slippers in the freezer and then use it to get more benefit. Use the ice pack whenever you take a 15 minute break.

Toe separators

Toe separators can also help you to get relief from plantar fasciitis. They elongate shrunken tendons which have probably become short and tight. They encourage your toes to uncurl to a healthy position. They are good for you because they will improve blood flow to the feet which is important for breaking down adhesions. More blood flow will also improve heel and foot pain and will strengthen muscles and ligaments which will in turn help you by reducing the pain in your heel and feet. You can use to separators to stretch and align your feet and toes while you rest. You’ll feel good and will also get rid of the pain and tension.


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