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How to get rid of a vaginal yeast infection

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Vaginal yeast infection can be very irritating and it can make your daily life impossible. However, nowadays there are different types of solutions available for getting rid of a vaginal yeast infection.

Keep the skin clean and dry

Yeast needs conducive environment for multiplication and proliferation. If you want to stop yeast infection and reduce it or completely eliminate it, you will need to make the environment unfavorable for yeast. If you can keep your skin clean, dry and free from wounds or scrapes, it will discourage yeast colonies from sustaining and spreading. If you start practicing good hygiene and take care of any of open cuts you have, it will automatically reduce the possibility of spread of the infection. The good hygiene applies to your digestive tract, vagina, mouth and any other area. Wash the genital with soap every day and dried completely. Never keep the environment moist because fungi most commonly proliferate in a moist environment. Even after sex, you should wash the genital area.

Boost your immune system

To fight yeast infection and to get rid of it, you will need to boost your immune system. A strong immune system will easily dispel any attacks by yeast fungi. It will not only keep you healthy and fit but it will also reduce the risk of an infection. It will increase protective white blood cells in your body which will fight any type of infection. A recurring yeast infection happens because of a weak or weakened immune system. People who have HIV, diabetes, cancer or immune disorders are more prone to yeast infection. You can support your immune system by eating a nutrient dense diet. Your diet should include more amount of vegetables, healthy fats, probiotics and protein. Probiotic foods are very important because they contain Lactobacillus or acidophilus bacteria which are beneficial if you have yeast infection.

Fermented foods are also good for you when you are suffering from a yeast infection. Such foods include dairy products like kefir or yogurt, kombucha and such other products. They contain probiotic microorganisms which are beneficial for you. It will not only help you to fight yeast but will also improve the immune system.

Wear clean clothes

Always wear clothes that are clean and dry. You should choose cotton underwear or underwear made of breathable fabric. It is important that air reach your genitals so that the area can be dry and not warm. Also wear loose-fitting clothes. Do not use stockings, tights or bathing suits if you have re-occurrence of the yeast infection. These clothes are not good for you because they will increase your body heat and will also retain moisture, creating an environment, which is conducive for yeast infection and growth.

Supplements and essential oils

Supplements and essential oils can help you to get rid of yeast infection. Probiotic supplements are the best natural treatments for yeast infection. They will help you to add more good bacteria to your body. Apple cider vinegar is beneficial for you because it’ll help you to balance pH levels. Antioxidants including vitamins C will boost your immune system. Elderberry and milk thistle will change your lever and will remove toxins and extra hormones from your body. Essential oils like lavender, tea tree and myrrh oils will help you by killing different types of yeast, fungi and parasites. You can use them directly or mix them with coconut oil and apply just outside the vaginal area.


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