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How can you stop blushing

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If you are blushing for no reason and at the wrong time, you need to control that. However, controlling your blushing may not be totally in your hand if you do not know how you can manage a blushing.

Let’s find out how you can stop blushing.

Direct your blood flow

With your imagination it is possible to control your blood flow. Experts say that if you daily just for five minutes imagine heating your hands around an open fire, it’ll be easier for you to direct more lard into your hands. If you are in a situation when you blush, you can use this technique to flow more blood to your hands and that can stop you from blushing.

Rehearse staying cool

If you rehearse staying cool, it can help you to stop blushing. Preparation can help you to decide the response in a specific situation. If you prepare for the events which make you feel nervous and make you blush, it’ll be easier for you to handle yourself better in actual situations. It is possible to imagine such upcoming events and learn to stay relaxed during such events. You can imagine seeing yourself completely calm and cool. This technique is effective because it will send a strong signal to your unconscious and subconscious mind to stay calm and cool in such situations. After some preparation, it will become a habit and then it will become so easy for you.

There are different techniques to use it, self hypnosis may be one of them. Creative imagination may be another technique which will help you to imagine yourself controlling the situation and yourself perfectly well.

Stop feeling responsible

If you learn how to stop feeling responsible for blushing, that will help you to stop blushing in some situations which make you uncomfortable. You feel responsible for blushing but actually the responses generated by your unconscious mind. You may not have so much control on your unconscious mind as much control you have on your conscious mind. If you understand your conscious and unconscious processes and then make the response a conscious one in those situations, you’ll be able to control your blushing. If blushing is caused by your unconscious mind, you do not have complete control over it and so you should not blame yourself for blushing. However, it is possible to control the responses and you can learn that by practicing such control.

Be open about it

If you blush, instead of trying to hide it, openly accept it. We often blush more because we feel ashamed or embarrassed at certain situations but other people may not blush into situations. We blush because we have a fear of being seen differently from how we want to be perceived. So, you don’t have to put on a mask and try to be somebody else. If you’re blushing, take it as it and don’t be ashamed of it. Instead of that, take it sportingly. Make a joke about it. Let other people laugh at you and you’ll laugh with them. At that moment, it will become at trivial thing and it will not be able to bother you about what other people will think about you. In some formal situations, this may not be appropriate but in most of the cases this is a strategy that you can use to stop blushing and feeling embarrassed. If you can stop worrying about what other people will think of you, handling blushing in different situations will become much easier for you.


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