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What to do if you have elbow pain

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If you are suffering from elbow pain right now, what can you do? Elbow pain can be very painful for you. Let’s find out what you can do about it.

Identify the location

If you are suffering from elbow pain, the first thing you need to do is identify the location of your elbow pain. If you press on the inside of the elbow and if you find tenderness at that point, it can be the problem of golfer’s elbow. Tenderness on the outside of the elbow can be tennis elbow. And different elbow pain will have different solutions.

Identify the cause of the elbow pain

Next, you need to identify why you are having elbow pain. It may happen because of overuse of the wrist muscles due to repetitive or prolonged use. You may be able to identify how you have overused those muscles. It may be because of working on an assembly line, lifting too much weight while working out, playing tennis, playing golf, carrying heavy boxes or for any such causes. Sometimes, identifying the cause can be difficult for you. So, it becomes important for you to take a look at your lifestyle and try to find out the cause of your book be. Once you know it, it’ll be easier for you to modify and prevent improper posture or too much use of your elbow so as to avoid any future problem.

Start treatment

You can immediately go and see a doctor or you can try out different types of home remedies and other elbow pain elimination programs. Sometimes the elbow pain will go away on its own. Your doctor will be able to help you by prescribing the necessary medicines and treatment options. Home remedies will help you to try different things before you go to the doctor. There are many natural and home remedies available which are very effective in elbow pain treatment. Sometimes further testing is necessary so as to find out the exact location of your elbow pain.

There are four things that you can do to reduce elbow pain and completely eliminate it.


If you are suffering from a chronic elbow pain and it has been there for more than 1 to 2 weeks, you can use a hot pack around your elbow and forearm. It will improve the flow of blood and nutrients to that area, which will enhance the healing process.


Performing gentle stretches of the forearm muscles will help you to get rid of your elbow pain. However, it is important that you perform these stretches in a pain-free manner. He can hold the stretch for 10 seconds and then repeat the stretch 10 more times. Repeat that 3 to 5 times every day.

Counterforce brace

This brace looks like a strap around the forearm. The counterforce brace will help you to dissipate the force from the muscle even before it reaches the elbow pain point. Different brands are available in the market which can help you to eliminate the pain. The fit of the brace should be snug. But it should not be too tight, as otherwise it will reduce the circulation to your hand.

Wrist immobilization brace

People who are suffering from severe elbow pain or a forearm pain, then a wrist immobilization brace will help you to get relief immediately. In such a condition, there are always better than counterforce brace. When you immobilize the wrist with this brace, your wrist muscles will get some time to rest completely. The brace will also help you by assisting with putting the muscles in a good position so that they can heal faster.


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