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How to get your ex back for woman

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The following tips will help you to get your ex back. These tips will not only will help you to get the ex back but they will also improve your life in different ways.

Get better

You have to get better than your previous self. You have to be better than what he remembers you to be. You should look hotter. This can be a big motivation for your ex to get you back. It’s not only about your body but about your complete personal. But looking good will definitely helps you in a big way. Stay away from some time and don’t see him. And then suddenly when you meet him and you look hotter, sexier, better and you have an improve personality; your acts will regret even letting you go away. You will feel that he has made a big mistake and he has suffered a big loss. The desire to have you in his life will kick in and that will force him to do anything to be with you. Physical attraction can be the first thing which may help you to get your ex back but overall improvement in your personality is very important for getting someone back who has left you.

Don’t find a new guy

If you want your ex back, you should avoid finding a new guy. If you find a new guy and at the same time you want your ex back, that will create a big problem. You will be torn between who to choose and that alone will create problems in your life. Even if you want to make him jealous, finding a new guy will not help the situation specially when you want your ex back. You can be friends with other people and you can show your ex that other males are interested in you to make him jealous, but do not get into a relationship with any other guy. It is important that your ex sees you as emotionally available. Give them some space and time because you want to get him back.

Initiate contact

Now this is the time to make the initial contact with your ex. What do you need to make the initial contact? It’s because you want your ex back. And so you are making the initial contact because it is important for you. It may be months since you two last talked or it may be just a few weeks and you are very much emotional. You can make a phone call to him and let him know that you two should meet.

Initial contact does not mean that you are dying to meet him and you will simply surrender to him. Throw in some temptation and make him desire you. Force him to think about you. When you show him the improved you, you will feel horrible for letting you go and then he’s desire to get you back will increase. It is important for him to see how good you are doing, how sexy you are looking and how good your life is going and only then only he will want to be with you and will beg you to take him back in your life.

The initial contact does not mean that you should have sex whenever you two meet again but if it comes to that, and it will come to that at one point of time, the sex should be mind blowing so that it increases his desire to have you in his life and not let you go again.


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