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Cause of Stubborn Belly Fat

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Your meals are beige

If you want to lose stubborn belly fat, you need brightly colored fruits and vegetables because they contain vitamins C which is essential for reducing cortisol. A recent study found that people who eat more red, orange and yellow produce have smaller waist. Instead of eating beige, what and to add more colors to your existing diet? You can do that by adding different colorful fruits and vegetables to your diet. You can add such colorful fruits and vegetables to whatever you are eating.

You are eating a low-fat diet

If you are eating a low-fat diet that may be the reason why you are not losing belly fat. To get rid of belly fat, you need to eat fat or monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). High MUFA that can help you to lose one third of your belly fat within a month. They will keep you full for a longer duration and so you will not poor quality, high calorie foods or more foods. Simply having a handful of nuts, a quarter of an avocado or a tablespoon of olive oil will help you to get the necessary MUFA.

You are avoiding the miracle mineral

Magnesium is the miracle mineral when you are trying to lose belly fat. Why is it so important? It can regulate 300 functions in your body. If you consume more magnesium, you will have lower blood sugar and insulin levels. There are some magnesium rich foods available which include bananas, dark leafy greens and soya beans.

You are not sweating

Even though you are exercising, probably in not doing enough. High-intensity interval training or HIIT can help you to get rid of your belly. In them, you use bursts of vigorous activity and then follow it by short periods of rest or gentle activity. It can help you by reducing insulin, triglycerides and cortisol. It will also help you by burning more calories.

You can use the HIIT principal even when you are running or biking. Make it so fast that you cannot talk for two minutes and then slow down for a minute and then repeat the process. If you are lifting weights, lift continuously for few minutes with a 60 seconds break in between.

You are eating from a box

The food that you are consuming comes in a box and you are eating from it. When you consume simple carb such as chips and added sugar in any sweetened drinks, your blood sugar will go up resulting in more insulin in the body. Insulin will and courage your liver to store fat and specifically around your belly.

You need a healthy diet is the belly fat. The processed foods that are available in a ready to eat format often have high amounts of sugar and simple carbs. You need to fill your fuel tank with high quality foods. That will also help you by eliminating hunger so that you do not simply dump anything to satiate your hunger.


Yoga can help you to get rid of your belly fat and because you are not practicing it is making it more difficult for you to lose the stubborn belly fat. Menopause related hormonal changes will make it more difficult for you to avoid belly fat. If you are indulge in yoga that can offset the effects. All you need to do is practice an hour-long yoga session three times a week for few weeks and you will see the change in your body.


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