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Benefits of Qigong

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Qigong can offer several benefits to you. It is a very effective exercise especially during the modern times and because of the many benefits it offers, this can be one of the most important exercises that you can do every day. Let’s find out the benefits offered by qigong.

Build power and loosen the muscle

If you want to build power and looseness of the muscles, qigong is the exercise you need to do. When you practice aerobics and vigorous stretching, it helps you to build your strength and flexibility. Qigong helps you by building effortless power and looseness. This looseness is necessary for free flow of Chi. Qigong focuses on relaxed power instead of muscular strength like the Western exercises. The more you allow your muscles to loosen up, the more energy you will be able to flow through.

Strengthen your organs

Qigong will help you by strengthening your organs. It will also balance your organs. If you have recently suffered from any illness and now you need to strengthen any specific organ, you can do that with the help of qigong. It can help in recovery of liver from hepatitis, the lungs from tuberculosis or the hard from a heart attack. Even without any medical problem, people may born with a weakness in any of the organs. Qigong can help you to fix that problem because it can address specific problems of individuals.

Strengthen your nerves

Qigong can help you by strengthening your nerves, which is a very important benefit for you. Chi energy flows through your nerves and then nerves are an intermediary between the body and the mind. They help you to know more about your body. In the initial practice, qigong will help you to get in touch of your body and clear out blockages. When you continuously practice this exercise, chi energy gets stronger and you will have more avenues of your body at the same time, you will have stronger nerves. You probably already know that spinal nerves are very important for your overall health. If you want to strengthen your nervous system practicing qigong is very important for you.

You can use it even if you are seriously ill

One other very important benefit of qigong is that you can use this practice even when you are seriously ill and cannot move much or don’t have to strength to perform any exercise. If you seriously ill or bedridden, it is not possible for you to perform any type of Western exercises including strength training, weightlifting, calisthenics or running. If that is the case, after some time your muscles and organs systems will get weaker and even if you start practicing once you get well, it may take months to recover the lost muscle, strength, and power.

There are different techniques available in qigong, which specifically meant for the week and immobile. You don’t need to move your body to practice this. There are many exercises which can be practiced while lying down on the bed, which will help you by improving your strength.

Prevent injury to joints, bones and ligaments

Qigong can help you to prevent injury to your joints, ligaments, and bones. Joints and ligaments are vulnerable to any accidental injury. Qigong can help you to prevent that type of injuries because it teaches better balance. It teaches you how to turn correctly without straining, how to relax in a fall and how to move your joints without locking them. It teaches you to increase flexibility and health of the ligaments.


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