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Top diet ingredients to burn fat

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The following ingredients of your diet help in burning more fat and get you the lean and muscular body you always wanted.


Protein can speed up your metabolism and thereby help you to burn more fat and lose weight. If you add whey protein to your existing diet, it will help you to lose more weight and fat. You will need to increase protein to preserve muscles. You can drink a protein shake between your meals to add more protein to your body. It will also help you to feel full and that will prevent any possibility of overeating at mealtime. Sometimes you can use a protein shake as a meal replacement. For that, you will need to add fruit and flax seed oil. You can also include whey concentrate and isolates because they provide you with the necessary protein but with low carbs and they also contain BCAAs which are important for preserving your muscle tissue. Protein blends can also be used for providing the necessary protein to your body. Such blends combined whey protein with milk proteins which are slow digesting.


Caffeine is important for burning more fat as it increases fat oxidation. Caffeine can boost your metabolism and it can help you by releasing the body fat to be used as energy. You will burn more fat and it will also help you to increase your endurance. Caffeine is important because it can help other fat burning ingredients like green tea and citrus aurantium. It will help you to increase exercise intensity by decreasing your sense by some nodes.

Green tea extract

Green tea extract can boost your metabolism. It is considered as one of the most popular ingredients for a weight loss diet. Green tea contains catechins known as EGCG, which can improve your metabolism when it is combined with caffeine. It can help you to lose several pounds within a few weeks. Green tea will help you by slowing down carbohydrate absorption and at the same time increasing fat burning which it does by increasing the function of insulin.

Citrus Aurantium

Citrus aurantium is also known as synephrine or bitter orange. It promotes fat burning. This ingredient will provide your body with several alkaloids. Such alkaloids can boost your metabolism and increase fat burning by stimulating the beta-3 receptors. This ingredient can also help you in increasing your mental energy and focus. It can increase energy expenditure and can thereby make your body lose more fat by forcing it to use fat for energy.


This is another ingredient which has been using different Ayurvedic medications. It is useful in reducing your stress and stress-related health problems. By reducing your stress hormones, it reduces your stress and decreases the possibility of overeating because of stress. It can inhibit stress induced overrating and carb cravings and that's why, you need it as an ingredient in your food to burn more fat.

White kidney bean

White kidney bean works as a carb or starch inhibitor. When you eat more carbohydrates, it can increase your blood sugar and the excess blood sugar or glucose can be converted to fat. White kidney bean will inhibit alpha amylase, which is the enzyme responsible for converting carbs into glucose. This is a natural carb inhibitor. If you use white kidney beans or white bean extracts, you'll be able to lose several pounds of weight within a few weeks. Before it carbs leaden meal, you need to take the white kidney bean extract so that it can carb glucose production from the carbohydrates you are eating.

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