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How to prevent kidney stones

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It is possible to prevent kidney stones if you know how to do it. The following tips will help you to find out how you can prevent kidney stones from formation in your body.

Know your sweat

Heavy exercise, saunas and hot yoga are good for your health but some of them may also lead to kidney stone formation. When you lose lots of water from your body through sweating it may result in less urine production. If you are not urinating enough, then stone causing minerals get more time to settle down and bond in the kidneys. That may result in kidney stones.

The solution for this problem is to drink more water. You need to keep yourself well hydrated so that even after lots of sweating, you are urinating enough. You should mostly ensure that you are hydrated well when you are engaged in exercise activities causing you to sweat.

You need calcium

Even though you may feel that calcium causes kidney stone in your body but make sure you know the truth. Calcium does not result in calcium oxalate stones. If you reducing your calcium consumption so as to prevent kidney stone formation, you are probably increasing the risk of kidney stone development in your body. You don't have to reduce consumption of calcium. You need to reduce sodium consumption to prevent the risk of kidney stone formation.

Know about oxalate

One type of kidney stone is calcium oxalate kidney stones but that does not mean that we need to completely cut down oxalate from your diet. Oxalate is naturally available in different foods such as fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds, legumes and chocolate and tea. There are some foods that contain high levels of oxalate. Such foods include peanuts, spinach, rhubarb, chocolate, beets and sweet potatoes. If your body forms calcium oxalate stones, it may be a good idea to manage intake of such foods. But if you reduce oxalate from your diet by eliminating different foods, you are likely to suffer from different health problems. Generally kidney stones are formed when calcium and oxalate binds together. You can eat and drink calcium and oxalate rich foods together. When you do that, they will bind together in your stomach or intestine and before they reach your kidneys. In that way you can prevent kidney stone formation even when you are eating and drinking oxalate rich foods.

Dietary remedies

There are some dietary remedies available for kidney stones. Chronic kidney stones can be treated with potassium citrate. Limeade, lemonade and other fruits and juices that contain high levels of natural citrate can also prevent kidney stone formation. However, it should be careful about the sugar content of such foods and drinks. More sugar can increase the possibility of kidney stone formation. There are sugar free lemonades available and you can also make such lemonade right at home. If you don't like the taste without sugar, you can always add a sugar substitute. The citrate present in urine prevent calcium from binding with other constituents that may result in kidney stones. It may also help in prevention of increase in size of existing kidney stones.

Prevent uric acid stones

Uric acid stones are also kidney stones and you can prevent this type of kidney stones by reducing the possibility of uric acid and other constituents of the stones. Red meat, shellfish, organ meats contain high levels of purines, which is a natural chemical compound. If you consume such foods at a higher level they may increase purine level in your body at a level which is higher than what your kidneys can excrete. So reduce the amount of such foods in your diet and save yourself from kidney stone formation.

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