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Few common workout mistakes people make

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People often make several workout mistakes. If you are new to workout or a new workout program, you are likely to make some mistakes. The following tips will help you to avoid those mistakes and the possible consequences.


Not doing warm up

Before you start your workout, it is very important to warm up. Many people try to save some time by skipping the warm up session. However, this is a big mistake and you should not do it. Warm up makes your nervous system ready for the exercise. It is also necessary to prevent possible skipped heartbeats and premature fatigue. You can warm up by performing some light exercises. Brisk walking can also be one type of warmup exercise for you. When you break a light sweat, you will know that you have done the necessary warm up.

Forget to stretch

Many people forget to stretch and that is another mistake. Before you start your workout and once you complete it, it is important to stretch your muscles. With ageing, muscle tightness and inflexibility will increase. That happens because of loss of fluid and elasticity in your joints. If you do not engage yourself in flexibility training, your mobility will be affected. You need at least three days of stretching to keep your flexibility intact. Stretching may include pilates or yoga. There are good for your heap joints and spine.

Avoiding weights

Many people focus on cardio exercises and they try to avoid weights. There may be many reasons why people avoid weights. Cardio exercises are very good and they keep your heart healthy. They also help you to burn calories. But resistance training or weight training is also essential for your health and body. Because we lose muscle every decade and so you need to walk on your muscles to maintain them. If you are not working on your muscles, the possibility of you falling down after a certain age will increase. It will also reduce your metabolism and as a result you will not be able to burn more fat, which will in turn make you fat. You need a solid resistance training routine which you should follow at least three days a week. If you want to stay strong and healthy.

You do too much and too soon

When you are working out, you tend to lift more weight, and lift them faster. Especially if you have just started, it is very important to start with light weights and then learn the correct form. Learning the correct form is very important before you increase the weight you are lifting. However, because you are seeing people lifting heavy weights and you are feeling inadequate because you are not able to lift heavy, you try to lift heavier weights than you can handle and as a result your form suffers. It may also result in injury. Sometimes you do that, because you are very excited to start something new.

You need to increase your weights gradually and you don't have to do too much of it. You do not have to lift every day, specially when he have just started. Maintain a plan of working out and follow the plan.

You think you are too old

Sometimes, people think that they are old and so they reduce the standard bar of the exercise program. They believe it's too late to start weight training and so they don't. You can start lifting at any age and start getting tremendous benefits such as improvement in strength and heart health, reduction in heart attack risk etc.



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