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How to become more flexible and burn more calories

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If you want to become more flexible with exercise and at the same time want to burn more calories, it is possible. You need to know how to do it and while burning more calories; you can also become more flexible. Let's find out how you can do that.


Swing your arms

While walking, you can burn more calories if you pump your arms while you walk. Simply bend your elbows 90° and pump the arms as you walk. It will also speed up your pace. As a result of this workout, you will be able to burn 15% more calories whenever you walk. Just make sure you are doing it right and it is not reducing your speed. To do that, your hands should not go beyond the middle of your chest.

Drink cool water

When you drink cool water from the fridge, it may help you by increasing your energy. When you drink refrigerated water, you may be able to work out 25% longer than someone who drank normal water. It will also help you by making the exercise session easier for you. You can drink water before and during exercise. Drinking cool water will keep your body temperature down and will help you by burning more calories. To burn maximum calories while working out, drink cool water.

Add some weight

If you want to burn more calories, you will need to add some more weight while working out. Calorie burning will depend on the weights you are working with. When you use heavier dumbbells and weights, you will be able to burn 20% more calories in any workout. Because of heavy weights more protein breakdown in the muscle will happen and as a result your body will be forced to use more energy for repairing and recovering. In that process, you will be able to build lean muscles. When you use healthy weights, it will increase your sleeping metabolic rate or the number of calories burned overnight. Such increase may be around 8%.

Use music

While exercising, use some music. It helps you to increase your energy while working out. If you listen to music while working out, you are likely to keep going 20% longer and as a result will burn more calories. Music is good to keep away fatigue. It also increases your pace by synchronising the movements. It also helps you by creating feelings of vigour.

Go outside

If you workout outside, it will help you to become more flexible and burn more calories at the same time. Instead of walking on the treadmill, you can always go for trails. The beautiful scenery and the fresh air will help you to keep exercising for a longer duration and will also motivate you to keep going. When you workout outside, you are more likely to get a better and more effective workout. If you walk or run outdoors, you are more likely to burn 10% more calories compared to someone walking or running on a treadmill.

Don't skip stretching

If you want to become more flexible at the same time want to burn more calories, you should never skip stretching. Stretching is important for your muscles because it keeps them flexible. It is important before any workout because it will prepare your muscles for the workout and will also help them to recover afterwards. When you skip stretches, you will not get the benefit from aerobic exercises and resistance training. During aerobic exercise, stretching will help you to move freely. It is also essential to build more strength from weight training.


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