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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Side Of Brushing- New Insights On How To Take Care Of Our Teeth

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A smile is always the best way to create a good first impression.

Therefore it is deemed necessary to take care of our choppers not only because of the reason stated above but more importantly because it is the most essential part of digestion since the larger the food particle being ingested the longer it will take our body to digest and convert the food necessary to fuel our daily activities.

Why Should We Brush?

Brushing our teeth gives it shine and a clean feel but most importantly it rids the mouth of unwanted odors from the previously eaten food. Oftentimes, when cleaning our teeth we tend to do other things making our brushing ineffective, defeating the entire purpose why we brush in the first place. Brushing our teeth after intake of acidic beverages such as the cucumber lemon water for weight loss strips the teeth of their enamel, an outer protective covering which makes the teeth resistant to extremes of temperature brought about by the food that we eat. It is recommended to either wait for several minutes prior to brushing. Cleaning our brushes are also necessary after use to ensure proper hygiene, do so with a clean tap water and store it in an upright position to allow excess water to drip off. Keeping the brushes moist for a long period of time allows the bacteria to grown within the bristles and they are invisible to the naked eye making us susceptible to infection.

Most of the data that we need to enhance our daily living can be found in the web and tooth care is not an exception. Examples of which are the use of apple cider vinegar for whitening of the teeth, however experts say that using such a strong ingredient can damage the enamel of our teeth making them more brittle and prone to damage. In the past year, fitting of ready to use braces have become a fad which caused some people to have misaligned teeth and mouth infections brought about by mishandling of such dental aides.


At some point of our lives as a teenager we feel in one way or the other the need to belong, so when a close friend gets a piercing, it is seemingly understandable to get one yourself too. However, we may have to think more than twice if I may say, some studies found that a piercing located anywhere in our oral cavity can both be a no-no to our dentist and doubles the risk of us getting dental caries, serious oral infections and also brings about damage to our choppers.

No pain, no gain, we have to accept the fact that some people are born with those teeth perfectly aligned while some though have to bear with the pain that comes with straightening those unruly teeth. Retainers were created for a purpose and that is to support the teeth after the braces have been taken off until they will be able to hold themselves tight in their desired placement. It indeed is a relief when those braces are removed but don't let the feeling of comfort shortchange the 6 month long journey to beautiful and perfectly aligned teeth.

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Written by: Dr. Christine Ena Carado