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Do Away With Abdominal Discomfort- Remedies Found From Natural Herbs

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Once in our entire lifetime, we get to experience abdominal discomfort and the feeling of fullness even without food intake.

Its cause varies from simple food indigestion, menstrual related conditions to the most severe of cases including gastric, colonic and gynecologic malignancies. Whatever the cause maybe, it is best to identify the possible etiology of the discomfort in order to provide the necessary relief needed either by pharmacologic medications or by the aid of herbal concoctions.

Use of herbal medicine dates back to the ancient Chinese era, where every symptom or disease has an equivalent treatment. These herbal concoctions were given not only to alleviate the symptom presented but also as a cleansing agent to rid the body of unwanted toxins that can worsen one's overall health.

Herbs To Try

Different types of herbs have different indications based on their healing properties and are as follows:

Mint leaves have been used as an additive to some of our post meal beverages to enhance digestion and wash away unpleasant food aftertaste. Recent studies also showed that mint leaves whether in its pure form or incorporated into another beverage dispels the feeling of fullness making you enjoy the feeling of lightness around your belly.

Ginger is popularly known as a spice giving our food a tangy, spicy taste but several experiments proved that placing a strip of ginger under your tongue prior to travelling can prevent nausea and other gastrointestinal upset. Ginger also helps in calming the hyperactive bowels.

Fennel gives a distinct aroma and flavor to the dishes when used as a spice but a Chinese herbal medicine expert found that both the seeds and bulb can be used to relieve indigestion and can give prompt relief for abdominal cramps by stimulating release of flatus.

Apart from its claim to aide in weight loss by promoting overall cleansing of the colon, apple cider vinegar and artichoke served in salad form, strengthens the upper esophageal sphincter of the stomach to firmly close thereby holding back previously eaten food and gastric acid preventing occurrence of burning sensation in the epigastric area.

In ancient times, radicchio was known to purify the blood from harmful toxins and also helps a person suffering from insomnia. Apart from the known benefits, radicchio also induces the digestive enzymes of the stomach to ensure assimilation of the consumed food.

St. Mary's thistle or milk thistle utilizes all of its parts from roots to leaves.  It rids the liver of any accumulated toxic substances and also boosts the immune system to prevent diseases. Though a little bit acrid for the taste, it allows the person regularly taking the seeds to have good bowel motility and therefore zapping off defecation problem. Slippery elm also offers the same effects as laxatives bought over the counter but doing away with the dependence.

Always having problems with a sensitive stomach, maybe it's time for you to try several slices of burdock or gobo for Japanese along with miso. Gobo and miso contains prebiotics that feeds the good intestinal bacteria and strengthening gut health and prevents abdominal gas and bloating.

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Written by: Dr. Christine Ena Carado