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Holistic Substance Addiction Treatment

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Holistic medicine was born out of the understanding that mind and body work together. Holistic practitioners saw the mind and body connection and created treatments that included the whole being and not just the body. The practitioners of holistic medicine will examine the diet, emotions, each complaint that the client has, the specific symptoms the client has, and even the lifestyle of their client before venturing on to any type of cure. This same understanding of the mind and body connection and the alternative types of treatment are often used today in holistic drug treatment programs.

Holistic drug and alcohol detoxification treatment combines many different healthy lifestyle alternatives that will help to replace the behaviors associated with the substance use. This combination of treatment differs from regular drug rehabilitation as they often only treat the current addiction that they see with talk therapy or medications. Many holistic rehab centers will include yoga as one of the alternative behaviors in the recovery process. Yoga is so much more than just an exercise as it helps the person to focus on their own inner self and it teaches them control. Yoga is often combined with meditation as it helps the client to learn how to relax even while under a stressful situation. Just these two alternative solutions are excellent tools for anyone searching for a way to overcome anything from a bad habit to a full blown addiction.

Acupuncture is another alternative method that holistic treatment centers use for helping with a substance addiction. With this type of treatment the client will have fine needles inserted into their skin. Many studies on the efficiency of this alternative treatment have taken place and some evidence has suggested that for certain addictions acupuncture does work. There are many drug and alcohol detox programs that will use acupuncture as a well to naturally help the client to detox effectively and safely.

One similarity between holistic drug and alcohol treatment centers and tradition forms of it can be seen with the level of addiction that a person has. Both forms will offer more severe addictions to be treated as inpatient so that they may detox from the substance in a safe environment. Both the alternative and traditional treatment also offers outpatient treatment for the individuals who have less severe addictions.  The outpatient treatment usually spans over several months and the participant will have specific days of the week in which they will need to attend the program.  Some treatment centers may also have partial day programs where the client will spend half of the day in the treatment program and this type of treatment can also span over a few months.     

Holistic medicine as well as drug and alcohol detox programs helps the client with more than just the substance problem which is what the traditional forms of rehabilitation centers do. The alternative programs take in to consideration the person’s entire being including their behaviors. They look for the underlying problems that brought them to the substance that had been abused and then help to find alternative behaviors for the ones that led to the substance use. By taking the whole being in to account and using many different natural methods in treatment the addict has a higher chance of becoming clean.