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Body sculpting and fat loss for women

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The female body type

The female body type is different from the male body type. The female body type generally sores more body fat in the thigh, lower abdominal region and hip. So, it is likely that these are the trouble spots for women. The fat present in such areas is the most difficult to lose. That happens because the lipolysis rate (fat metabolism) is controlled by the receptor cells and these cells present in those areas are different in case of women. As a result, losing fat from such areas become harder.

In case of women, losing fat from the thighs is the most difficult task. When you are trying to lean down, it becomes an annoyance. The areas mentioned above also receive less flow of blood and so they also have less amount of fat mobilized from those areas.


Exercise techniques to boost fat loss in women

It is possible to increase the rate of fat loss by forming exercises which will increase the blood movement. Running can be a good exercise and it will help you to lose lower body fat. If you’re running uphill, it will increase the intensity of fat loss.

In general, women will need more cardio training if they want to lose body fat. However, if you continue cardio exercises for hours every day, your body and the lower region specifically, may start holding more water weight. In such cases, decreasing the cardio amount will give you a leaner look.

With training is necessary for body sculpting and fat loss because it increases the metabolic rate, especially after the session. Increase in metabolic rate will increase fat loss. If you want to look clean and define, you will need to weight training besides cardio training.

Nutrition for higher fat loss

Diet is a more important factor than training for women want to lose fat and sculpt their body. If you really want to succeed in reducing fat and sculpting your body, you will have to understand the impact of diet on your efforts.

Diet is the factor that can make the most difference in case of total calorie balance. Instead of increasing the intensity and time of your exercise, it is possible to cut back on your food intake. Instead of doing more and more cardio to get to negative calorie balance and reduce fat from the body, it is better to focus on your diet. Too much of cardio will result in overtraining or injuries.

In the advanced stages of fat loss, carbohydrate cycling is a tool for women. In carbohydrate cycling, you will continue consuming a very low carbohydrate and then suddenly will increase the carbohydrate intake a great deal. It will reset the thyroid hormones and it will help you start losing fat again. Women who continue eating a very low carbohydrate diet for a longer duration find that the fat loss is becoming too slow. That is why you need to boost your calorie intake on a periodic basis.

A realistic mindset

When you’re trying to sculpt your body and lose fat, you need to keep a realistic mindset. Such a mindset throughout the process will help you to do better without feeling disheartened. You need to know that females need then to 10-13% total body fat at bare minimum. So, it may not be a good idea to try too hard to get your total body fat percentage to a single digit. In a normal case, 15 to 20% body fat is ideal for women.


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