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Forever Young: the Difference between Getting Old and Growing Up

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Growing up and growing old sounds like the same thing. But, they are not essentially the same. One is as old as one feels himself to be. If you are a child at heart, you will not get old but will definitely grow up.

It is obvious that as you grow old, you have to take on additional responsibilities for supporting yourself, your family and the society at large. But, that doesn't mean that life is over and there is no fun left. One has to learn to embrace growing up without feeling old.

Don't get into the mad rush.

Life doesn't just need to be lived; one should enjoy each and every moment they live. Of course, there will be ups and downs; sometimes situations can be trying but, remember to never lose your cool. Everyone has the right to move through life at their own pace. You shouldn't panic about failures and be disheartened when something you desire doesn't materialize. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't be working at all, rather it means that if things take longer than you planned, don't be stressed out. Be patient and enjoy the journey. Everything is going to be alright in the end.

Never stop learning.

There is no right age to learn something new. It is curiosity of a person to learn something new that lets him learn new things. If you have always wanted to learn playing a piano, or learn a new language, pick up photography, start today. It is never too late to learn a new thing. No doubt, your interest may change and evolve as you grow old. But, there is no point in wondering if you should pursue things that you have always wanted to. Learning new things keeps your minset youthful and open.

Say yes more often.

When opportunities knock on your door, learn to say yes. It can be small things like a random concert, the last-minute dinner or the late-night movie. It might be things that don't fit in your everyday life. But, then these are the things that make your life more interesting. If these are things that make you happy, then just go for it. Everyone deserves to live and small happiness in life is what makes all the difference.

Have friends of all ages.

Typically, we socialize with people of our own age group. When in high school or college, it is easy to make friends with people of our own age, but as we step in adult adulthood, go to work, we have to interact and socialize with people of all ages. When we get a chance to make friends with someone older, we can learn from their experience and wisdom. When we make friends with someone younger, we get to know how much we have learnt over the years. Their enthusiasm about life can keep us energized.

The ˜Best Days of Life' are yet to come.

Often when we think about our school days and college days, nostalgia hits us. That's because we think that those were our golden days and good time is gone. That is not true. Every day of our life can be a great day to look forward to. And for that we must have the right attitude. We should always keep working to love and live the present moment. We must always think positively about our future.

If you have a positive outlook towards life, it is almost impossible to feel bad about growing up. Look forward to growing older, as the good things in life are yet to come.