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7 Signs of Low Self Esteem

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Having a low self-esteem can be dangerous as it can hinder your chances of success in life. Low self-esteem comes from a feeling of low self-worth and if not identified, can cause irreversible damage to one's confidence. Therefore, it is important that one is able to identify the signs of low self-esteem. Only when you can identify a problem, can you take steps to cure it.

If you are confident about your abilities and are not affected by other people's opinions and criticism, then it is likely you have a high self-esteem. However, if you are shaken at the slightest criticism, it is likely that you are suffering from a low self-esteem. It is not the only way to gauge a person's self-esteem, there are quite a few other warning signs that one should be able to recognize.

Here are the 7 warning signs of low self-esteem:

Lack of self-confidence:

One of the effects of having a low self-esteem is a lack in self-confidence. People who lack confidence always tend to seek other's approval in whatever they do. Other's opinions define their esteem. Even if they do an excellent job, they will believe it only when others tell them so. There is another way people with low confidence behave “ they brag too much about non-existent achievements. It is their way to show superiority when they know that in reality they do not have the confidence of doing better than others.

Non-assertive behavior:

People with low self-esteem usually have a tough time saying ˜No' to anybody. They are unable assert their feeling and cannot even stand up for their rights. Generally, they lack assertiveness. However, they are people who try to fake assertiveness typically in front of a timid person, just to show off false strength.

Timidity in behavior:

Some people with low esteem are very timid. They cannot handle spotlight and try to make themselves inconsequential. They follow other people's order “ however wrong they may be without any protest.


Such people are highly indecisive, partly because they do not want to own responsibility for consequences of their choice. They lack courage and fear criticism and these factors make them postpone taking decisions. They tend to assume that whatever they choose is going to have undesirable consequences. Sometimes, these people are indecisive and they think their choices don't matter. Lack of self-worth is another sign of low self esteem

Blame Others:

Such people always find a way to blame others for their own plight. They blame others because they think by accepting their own mistake, they will diminish themselves. However, they don't understand that by not taking charge of a situation, they are letting themselves driven by circumstances.

Aim Low:

People with a low self-esteem predict their own doom and failure, no matter what. That is why they always aim low and set low targets for themselves. This way they never try to go for big things and cushion their failures. In addition, they give up on things very easily thinking that they are unable to try harder.

Can't Handle Praise:

People with low self-esteem cannot handle praise. They take everything in a negative light. In fact, if you praise them, they will feel embarrassed as if they are undeserving of your compliments. They can never rise to an occasion to help others.

These are some of the telltale signs of low self-esteem. However, do note that it is not necessary that all these signs will be present in a person with low self-esteem. Some of the signs may be absent while others can be there to a lesser of larger extent.