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10 best tips ever for getting rid of Hyperhidrosis

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Sweating is a normal process for any human being. It helps you to remove excess salt and waste materials from your body. However, sometimes it can become a disorder. Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is a disorder in which people sweat excessively. It not only embarrasses you, but also makes it difficult for you to involve in your daily routine.

After diagnosing hyperhidrosis, dermatologists will prescribe different types of treatments for hyperhidrosis. Such treatments depend on the type of hyperhidrosis and the part of your body having an excessive sweating problem. The treatment options are also based on your health and other factors. Dermatologists may prescribe using antiperspirants, iontophoresis, botulinum toxin injections, different prescription medicines and surgery and use of medical devices. However, home treatments and remedies are always better because they do not have any side-effects.

It is possible to get rid of hyperhidrosis. There are several ways which will help you to get rid of the problem permanently without causing any side-effects. The following tips will help you to get rid of this problem without much difficulty.


Tip 1- Use powder


Using powder is a very effective way to get rid of hyperhidrosis. Apply powder on the excessive sweating parts of the body. The powder helps in reducing excessive sweating. You can pat powder on the affected areas. It may not completely prevent sweating, but it will help you to control sweating to a great extent. It will soak the sweating and will not allow it to do in your dresses.

Tip 2 -Use lemon juice

This is a very simple yet effective way to get rid of hyperhidrosis and body odor. You need to apply lemon juice from on the areas of your body which sweat excessively. You can squeeze the juice out or apply the juice directly from the fruit. It will eliminate body odor and will also reduce sweating. The acid present in lemon juice kills the bacteria that cause body odor, thereby keeping you free of such a problem.

Tip 3- Dietary changes

You need to make some dietary changes so as to get rid of hyperhidrosis. You should avoid some types of foods such as spicy foods, too much onions and garlic, foods with high sugar content and salt and that come with higher amount of hydrogenated oil. Why do you need to avoid these foods? These foods stimulate your sweat glands, which result in excessive sweating. When you stop eating such foods or reduce the quantity, your excessive sweating problem will disappear. Processed foods are also not good for you if they contain chemical toxins. Foods with chemical toxins can result in excessive sweating by triggering the sweating glands because your body wants to eliminate such harmful elements.

What type of diet is good for you? A diet that contains higher amounts of silicon is good for you because silicon regulates sweat production. Grapes, strawberries and almonds provide high amounts of silicon and so you should eat them.

You also need to stay on a healthy diet regimen. It should include fresh vegetables, cereals, fruits, fish, whole grains and lean meat. You should also drink enough water to keep you well hydrated. If possible, avoid drinks and caffeine because they increase waiting by increasing the body temperature.

Tip 4- Lifestyle changes

A few lifestyle changes will help you to get rid of hyperhidrosis. Take a bath regularly and use an antibacterial soap. After bathing, dry your body completely and then use an antiperspirant. Use only canvas or leather shoes so that your feet can easily breathe, which will help to reduce excessive sweating. You should also keep your shoes and socks dry. Wear cotton or wool socks, so that they can absorb the excessive sweating.

Wear clothes of natural fabrics such as cotton, wool or silk. Such natural fabrics will allow your skin to breathe. Also, do not wear tight fitting clothes.

Tip 5-Drink herbal tea

Herbal tea will help you to get rid of excessive sweating problem from inside. It reduces excessive sweating and also reduces the body odor. The vitamin B present in the herbal tea helps you to reduce excessive sweating. Magnesium present in such herbal teas is beneficial because they reduce the sweat gland activities. You need to boil herbal tea in water and then cool it. Drink this tea 3-4 times every day.

Tip 6- Use tomato juice

Tomato juice has several different properties. It improves blood circulation when you eat it. It works as an antiseptic when you apply it on your skin. Tomato juice tightens the pores present on the skin. You can drink fresh tomato juice every day. You can apply this juice on your body which will tighten the pores and will reduce sweating. You will need to use it for a few days to see the benefits.

Tip 7- Corn starch and baking soda

You can use corn starch and baking soda to reduce excess sweating. This is especially beneficial for stopping excessive underarm sweating. For that, you need to mix corn starch with baking soda and then using water make a paste. Apply it on the areas which show excessive sweating. Let it dry for about half an hour and then use water to wash it off. If you want, you can add essential oils which will give you a deodorizing effect.

Tip 8- Use wheatgrass juice

If you’re suffering from smelly sweat, wheatgrass juice can help you. The juice of young wheat grass can eliminate the problem of excessive sweating and odor. The juice neutralizes the acids and toxins in the blood and thereby reduces excessive sweating. It is also good for your health because it contains high amounts of protein and vitamins. You will find vitamin B-6, B-12 and folic acid in wheatgrass juice. You need to drink 1 or 2 glasses of wheat germ juice. Drink it every day for better results. The juice will cool your body down, which will help in reducing sweating. It will also reduce body odor which is caused by sweating.

Tip 9- Natural vinegar helps you to reduce excessive sweating

It is considered as one of the best remedies for excessive sweating and sweat odor. Vinegar is very helpful in reducing odor of your sweat. You need to makes 2 teaspoons of vinegar and 2 teaspoons of raw apple cider vinegar. Drink the mix. Drink them three times every day before your meal. Use the same vinegar solution to your underarms. You can also use them on the specific areas which sweat a lot.

Tip 10- Use tea bags to stop excessive sweating of your palms

Tea bags can help you to stop excessive sweating of your palms. This is effective and easy to do. Tea has tannin in it and that works as an astringent and antiperspirant. For using the tea bags, first, boil some water and drop five tea bags in it. The boiling water will bring out the element from the teabags. Let it cool down and soak your palms in the liquid for half an hour. It will eliminate excessive sweating of your hands.

Use these tips and get rid of hyperhidrosis problem for good and enjoy your life.
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