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Fat Burning Foods

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There are different foods that can help you in fat burning. It includes those foods that have a high thermogenic effect that helps you to burn calories.

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Foods work for you and your body to keep you healthy and fit. There are some super foods which help in melting the extra fat stored in your body. To make things easier, you can keep introducing these foods slowly to your diet.

Whole grains

Whole foods help you to burn more fat by burning calories. You need more calories to break down such foods. Choose foods which are rich in fibre, including brown rice and oatmeal. They are better than the processed foods.

Dairy products with low fat

Daily products that have low fat will help you to burn more fat in your body. They are rich in calcium and vitamin D, which are necessary for building and maintaining muscle mass. It also helps in improving the metabolism and thereby burn more fat.

Lean meats

Protein is another element that has high thermogenic effect. When you eat lean meat, during digestion you want 30% of the calories present in the food. It helps you to burn calories and reduce calorie intake.

Hot peppers

Hot peppers help you in cutting fat by heating up your body. When your body is heated up, it melts extra calories. You can eat raw, dried, powdered or cooked peppers. Capsaicin, the compound present in peppers is the main component that helps in cutting fat. You can add hot pepper sauce to the food you eat every day.


besides offering your daily iron needs, it improves metabolism. This one cup of lentil can offer 35% of the daily Ireland needs. Iron is the metabolism rate of the body, which will help you to cut down the fat present in your body.

Green tea

Green tea is always known as a fat burner. Drinking green tea helps people to lose weight and cut fat. EGCG is a compound present in the brew which helps in increasing metabolism.


Tomatoes help your body in the long-term by keeping it fit and healthy and help it avoid medical problems. In the short-term, tomatoes help you to lose weight and keep weight off. They provide low calorie and offer fibre and full filling, thereby reducing the amount of food you will intake. Lycopene present in tomatoes also offer antioxidants to the body which help in fighting different diseases and medical conditions.


Oranges offer vitamins C and fibre to your body. It has low calorie counts, which means you get less calories when you eat oranges. Oranges also help you in regulating your blood glucose levels. If you eat oranges in moderation, it will help you to reduce fat. You can also use oranges to curb your sweet tooth by heating them whenever you feel like eating a candy bar or anything sweet.


Oats help you to burn your fat and reduce weight. It offers lots of fibre, which helps your metabolism. It also makes you feel fuller for a longer duration and thereby help you curb the urge to eat. Oatmeal is very essential when you are trying to cut fat and lose weight. It also offers different antioxidants and minerals. Besides reducing fat in the body, it will also reduce your cholesterol levels.


Apples are good for you when you want to burn more fat. By eating apples you can lose weight by losing the unwanted fat. Apple also help you to curb your sweet tooth by eliminating the urge to eat sweets, chocolates and candies.

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