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Ebola Epidemic Shatters Sierra Leone

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The Ebola outbreak has been around for years, nevertheless, it has been easily contained by doctors and other medical personnel where it is mostly present. In Sierra Leone, however, this year proved to be a year of medical scare and danger as the Ebola virus spreads its way not only to its neighboring regions, but also to the personnels and doctors attending the patients who are affected by the outbreak.

Sierra Leone will implement strict confinement of its people for three days. The total confinement aims to control the spread of Ebola virus that is said to have crippled most of the western part of Africa. The epidemic spreads so fast that the only immediate thing to control it is through a total shutdown.

The case of Sierra Leone having to bury 491 individuals affected by the disease is too much. The said quarantine practice will include everyone on the streets of Sierra Leone except for emergency cases and business necessities. The 72 hour quarantine is deemed to be sufficient in containing the virus and make the necessary medical sanitation.

Quarantine of the virus necessary

Abdulai Bayratay, a spokesman for the government said that the quarantine will be firmly abided and no one is exempted from it. The dreaded disease has claimed too many lives to be left unaccountable. Sierra Leone is one of the most affected countries by the outbreak among two others that are also significantly monitored for a possible uncontrolled outbreak.

Medical personnel as well as doctors and other authorities will take advantage of the three days quarantine period to search and reach for those who have been affected by the virus and who are still afraid to come out and receive proper treatment.

Health workers are fully aware of the dangers of this kind of medical mission, but in search for stoppage and containment of the said deadly virus, they are willing to risk their lives and run the three day period, helping those who are affected as well as making sure it will not spread and make contact to others who haven't been affected by it.

In order to make sure that the quarantine is on track, the local government of Sierra Leone has posted  at least 7,000 forces that will help in implementing the quarantine period. Ambulance and several vehicles for the military will be deployed in order to cautiously ask the people to cooperate with the medical team.

The deadly Ebola virus

The Ebola outbreak is being feared because it has no cure. To this day, there is no specific vaccine or  medical treatment that can stop the virus. The three regions most affected by the outbreak include Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. Nigeria also recorded at least 22 cases of death caused by the Ebola virus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) released a statement that, from the beginning of 2014, there has been a total of 2,000 deaths due to Ebola virus from all different regions. Now, out of the recorded 3,944 affected by the disease, at least 2,097 suffered from it.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, where Felix Kabange, Health Minister of the republic declared yet an increased fatality of the Ebola virus reiterated that the virus is still contained and hasn't spread dangerously. The World Bank has also released funds for medical supplies as well as protective garments for medical health workers working with the government. As of now, there are only a few ways the Ebola virus is being held up and that is through antibiotics and fluids.

The Ebola virus is said to affect people when they come in contact with bodily fluids. This hemorrhagic virus that kills the human immune system has no vaccine or definite treatment, making it harder to be contained.