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5 Foods That Speed Up Your Metabolism Naturally

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Green Tea speeds up the body’s metabolism

There is no easy way to lose weight instantly, but you could eat some foods that can help you rev up your metabolic process. The body's ability to store fat deposits is increased with a sedentary lifestyle, eating less nutritious foods and with increased fatty food consumption. The best thing that you can do in order to enhance your body's ability to reduce its fat storage aside from exercise and physical activity is to eat foods that are powerful in its ability to speed up the metabolic process of the body. Here is the top 5 foods that could help you increase the body's metabolic process to aid in weight loss naturally:

Food No. 1: Water proved to be an effective food to take to help you accelerate the weight loss process. Research proved that there is an increased metabolic rate of about 30 percent when you drink 17 ounces of water. The metabolic rate pertains to the calories that are burned in the body. Drinking more water can help you to suppress the appetite in a natural way where it gives the feeling of bloating and fullness.

Food No. 2: Green tea can naturally accelerate the weight loss process by increasing the metabolism in the body. This kind of tea is reported to be useful in preventing cancer with its anti-cancer properties which are also helpful in reducing the risks for heart disease. Green tea is a fantastic herb to drink that could not only quench your thirst, but provides you the best benefits of speeding up your metabolism. Green tea increases the thermogenesis process in the body that increases the energy expenditure and oxidation of fats that aid in losing weight. Green tea is also loaded with antioxidant that speeds up the body's metabolic process, thereby keeping the body's stored fat to a minimum.

Food No. 3: The hunger satisfying combination of liquid and solids from eating soups is found to be a great appetite suppressant according to the Penn State University study. Soup is considered to be a fat burning food which is often served as an appetizer or a snack. Studies have shown a significant 100 calories less from the food consumption taken from just eating soup as compared to a meal consisting of a chicken and casserole. It gives the feeling of a full stomach that makes one eat less.

Food No. 4: Grapefruit becomes the focus of a study done by researchers at Scripps Clinic because of its unique clinical properties that is packed with vitamin C and can reduce the levels of insulin. Studies showed that losing 3.6 pounds within 12 weeks from a grapefruit diet can effectively promote weight loss.

Food No. 5: Not only does eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away but rather it can also keep too much weight away. Adding fruits in your low-calorie diet, especially apples, can help reduce weight based on the research made by the State University of Rio de Janeiro. Apples contain low calories but rich in high fibers which give an excellent diet among those who want to speed up their metabolism. Pears give the same weight loss and health benefits that can be taken from apples.

These foods can really help accelerate the metabolism, as it reduces the metabolic requirement for losing weight. They are basically low in calories and rich in fibers. They give a perfect diet that makes you feel full quickly without eating too much. High fiber diet allows the digestive system to be systematic and orderly in regulating the calorie bank in the body.

By including these 5 foods in your meals, it is easier to tame your body weight.

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