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Endomorph Nutrition and Workout Plan

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Endomorph Nutrition and Workout Plan

Endomorph Nutrition and Workout Plan

Endomorphs have the biggest tendency to gain and retain more fat than muscle. They have a stockier built but is mostly soft. In bodybuilding, endomorphs are the guys who's bulking phase is consist of great fat and muscle gain and their cutting phase is consist of a long and  usually very hard fat loss programs. They usually have the biggest need for long and sustained cardio to shed off those pounds. They also need a specialized diet program to make sure that they will not gain back what they have worked so hard to lose. This appears to be the body type that a lot have nowadays.




The workout plan of endomorphs is quite different from ecto's and meso's because they generally use lighter weights but longer sets. They also need at least 30 minutes of cardio per day and there will be days that they will be doing nothing but cardio. Their normal set is between 12 to 20 repetitions and has to be between 4 to 5 sets per exercise with about a minute or less rest between repetitions. Their workouts need to be compound, high-intensity exercises and has some isolations. Here is a sample of an ideal workout for endomorphs.


Day 1: Chest

Barbell Bench Press

Incline Dumbbell Press

Inclined Barbell Bench Press


Day 2: Back/Shoulders

Back                                                       Shoulders

Wide-grip Lat Pulldowns               Seated Barbell Press

Seated Cable Rows                         Dumbbell Laterals

Deadlifts                                              Seated Dumbbell Press


Day 3: Cardio                                      Day 4: Rest


Day 5: Biceps/Triceps

Biceps                                                   Triceps

Standing Barbell Curls                    Tricep Dips

Preacher Curls                                   Close-grip Cable Pressdowns

Dumbbell Curls                                 Rope Cable Pressdown


Day 6: Legs

Quads                                                                   Hamstrings

Squats                                                                  Stiff-legged Deadlifts

Leg Press                                                             Leg Curls

Leg Extensions


Day 7: Rest






Endomorphs have a very slow metabolism so they need to eat more often but significantly smaller meals.  Their meals must have quality protein sources like poultry, lean beef, pork (tenderloin), eggs, and protein powder for supplement. They should also include high-fiber foods and their carbohydrates should be from sources like whole wheat bread, yams, beans, fruits and even pasta. It is not ideal for endomorphs to engage in crash or fad diets because it forces the body into starvation which makes it store fat for survival.  Minimal fat intake is suggested for endomorphs because of their large tendency to store instead of burn fats mainly due to their crawling slow metabolism.


Final Note


It is true that endomorphs have a hard time to shed fat but it does not mean that it is impossible. Knowing what to eat and following a strict diet format will make sure that they get enough nutrition to help them in their workouts but not enough to store fat. Fat has to be burned so a full-blast workout has to be designed and religiously followed. Hard work for endomorphs will pay off sooner or later but they have to make sure that they do not relapse to their old ways because they will gain back fat a lot faster than they worked to get rid of it.


It is not an impossible task though. Endomorphs can engage on a good diet and a great workout plan and it will eventually pay off. It is actually a lot better for endomorphs when they get the body they aim for because of the hard work they put into it. They appreciate it more than ecto's and meso's because they have to work really hard to get to their beach body. The beautiful Marilyn Monroe was an endomorph but she was well-known for being sexy so that just shows us that it is certainly possible to rock even with an endomorph body type.

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