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Why is it important to pair exercise with a good diet

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pair exercise with a good diet

pair exercise with a good diet

The most common reference to a buffed up bodybuilder guy would be a beef cake.

What you see is what you get, because what you eat is what you become, and it's true to many, which is why it is important to pair up exercise with a good diet plan.

Experts say that the role of exercise to diet is 70% is to 30%, some even argue it to be 80% to 20%.

Researchers have shown that after a long period of rigorous workouts and exercises, there are not many results to be flaunted unless it is coupled with the right diet.

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Whether it's losing weight or gaining that gym sculpted look, a well planned and balanced diet is essential to an aspirant as a fin to a fish.

BMI that is body mass index is affected by one's beliefs about food and diet, which is the cause of obesity, rather than the lack of exercise.

When it comes to weight loss, a lot many questions are asked, the most frequent of them is, which is more important, diet or exercise?

The answer is both.

It functions like a simple math equation, increase in the daily burn and cut in the daily caloric intake can give fruitful results for weight watchers, whereas one without the other can give short-term results but are not viable for long-term benefits.

A healthy body weight can be achieved through eating a healthy and a balanced diet. Adding a regular workout regime can help maintain a healthy body weight and build necessary muscle fibres which can prove to be a long-term solution for all weight related issues.

In order to produce an energy deficit, which will lead to weight loss, diet and exercise are both equally important. A calorie monitored and controlled, nutrient dense diet is essential for weight loss and exercise is essential to maintain that weight lost and stay in good health. Thus, a combination of both is most effective for weight loss and weight maintenance.

For example, one could eat very little animal and dairy fats and stick to plant oils and have an acceptable level of LDL (bad) cholesterol but a very poor HDL (good) cholesterol level because exercise is the most effective way to increase and maintain HDL.

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On the other side, one could train for marathons and endless workout sessions at boot camps or even get personal training at the gym and could achieve great HDL levels but have very high LDL levels if one eats poorly.

Both exercise and the diet, need equal amount of effort.

Although focusing on at least one of the above two, i.e. either exercise or a healthy diet is better than completely abandoning any idea of fitness and leaving everything on its own.

One can never reach optimal health and wellness condition without devoting oneself to a healthy lifestyle that include both a balanced diet and a well thought out exercise regime.

It is very hard to separate the two from each other because it is possible to lose and maintain weight without either one of them but rather difficult and not long-lasting.

We all know that eating is not only for survival or for life, but also for emotional purposes, celebrations and having fun with loved ones.

By having an effective and intense exercise routine one can maintain weight and health in these conditions. It increases your metabolism, keeps you in touch with your system and plays an essential part in maintaining long-term health and mind and body fitness for years to come.