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Disadvantages of common fad diets

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Disadvantages of common fad diets

There are a lot of fad diets that are floating around nowadays. From juice diets to cleanses, it can be really difficult to know exactly what is healthy and what is outright dangerous for your health. Celebrities can make it worse because they get praised for rapid weight loss that is impossible for many of us to achieve. So when you are about to jump on the fad diet train, make sure you remember these things.

Healthy? No Way!

Fad diets are widely unhealthy. Just remember that every time that you remove a certain food that you normally eat, you need to replace the calories and nutrients somewhere else. Instead of removing a specific food, make sure that you are replacing it with a healthier option so that you do not become deficient. Vitamin deficiencies are plaguing the country right now and can have serious side effects on the body. Not getting enough potassium and sodium can land you in the hospital over a heart attack years later.

A Dangerous Gateway

When you go on a juice fast, you are losing the solid food that normally makes you feel full. This can become a gateway to eating disorders because you are teaching yourself that feeling hungry is good. Many of the eating disorders that people suffer from can be avoided by maintaining a healthy diet that has all of the food groups represented. This keeps you from feeling like the cheerleader in high school who eats two celery sticks and prevents you from permanently damaging your body.

Break the Bank Much?

Most of the fad diets that are out there cost more and more as they come out. You might have to purchase those shakes or bars that cost an arm and a leg just to go on the diet. Millions of dollars are wasted on the fad diet of the week book. There are powders and pills but really the only thing that you should need is you. It might take a little time but, designing a different meal plan will be a longer lasting investment than the dollar eBook that promises instant results.

Where Did all that Come From?

Have you finished a diet and gained more than you lost? Many of the fad diets restrict what you are putting into your body. When you lose the desired weight, you start to come off the diet only to find that the weight suddenly comes back. This is because most of the weight that we lose on these diets is muscle and water. Weight gain is very common with fad diets which is one of the reasons that they keep coming out with them. Instead of jumping on the fast track, modify your diet to target your goal. Diet and exercise have been the most successful ways to lose weight for centuries. Losing weight is not something that you want to be temporary so why are you only making a temporary change to your lifestyle. Why not just change it once so you don't have to change it again?

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