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Benefits of Mangosteen

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Mangosteen is a wild fruit that grows in the forests and mountains of South East Asian regions like Singapore, Malaysia and other Asian regions. This fruit, originally called Garcinia Mangostana and is a tropical evergreen tree that has three major parts-the deep purple rind, the white edible flesh which is just like the oranges and the third part are the seeds. The flesh and the seeds are totally contradictory to each other. The flesh is sweet to eat and is full of fragrance while the seeds are bitter and inedible.

The fruit has become famous for the reason that it has medicinal properties and has found place in traditional medicines of Asia. The benefits of mangosteen grew like a wild-fire and even the Queen Victoria tasted it sample to know the reality of the fruit. This fruit as the people say is a storehouse of different nutrients which are not covered by our daily routine diet and is thus a great compensation tool. The following are Benefits of Mangosteen:-


1.Antioxidants – The studies have revealed that Mangosteen carries antioxidising properties because of the presence of naturally occurring polyphenol compounds called xanthones, because of which it is anti-inflammatory in nature and prevents  heart attacks. They even reverse your ageing cells.

2. Does not contribute to weight – Mangosteen is a great fruit when it comes to taking care of your health for it does not contain saturated fats. It is rich in fibre content and is a healthy food that is good for those who are thinking of losing their weight.

3. Streamlines the flow of blood-The fruit is also said to have a great role in enhancing the red blood cells in the body and preventing anemia. It opens up the blood vessels and thus prevents the occurring of high cholesterol levels, congestion and chest pains.

4. Prevents cancer – Mangosteen is the best foods for cancer prevention. It carries antioxidants that prevent the body from any free radicals that cause the cancer cells to multiply.

5. Rich in Vitamin  C – acts just like any other citrus food-lemon, orange and caries Vitamin C. In 100 grams of Mangosteen, there are about 12% RDA which provide a strong resistance against flu and infections. Therefore, in a way it increases the immunity of the body.

6. Stomach Disorders – Mangosteen is grown in many parts of the world. Its bark again has medicinal properties and is of a great help in dysentery, diarrhea and acidity.

7. Strengthening of teeth-Dentists recommend having Mangosteen to their patients who suffer from weak gums, disordered teeth and even bad breath. It finds a great use in dental problems and is a natural cure against dental health problems.

8. Anti-Ageing-Remember the time when you looked at the mirror and wondered about wrinkles on the skin. Mangosteen again is the rescue ranger and has anti ageing properties with the presence of catechin as an oxidant .Therefore it is time to feel young all the time and start consuming mangos teen .

9. Boosts energy levels-It is just like an energy drink but with natural nutrients that will not only keep you active and energetic the whole day but also would serve the purpose of the best mood lifting foods.

10. Pregnancy-The fruit also serves beneficial in pregnancy and prevents neutral tube effects.

Other benefits of mangosteen include:

  • It eases the communication between the cells
  • It increases thee White blood cell count in the system and helps healing the wounds faster
  • It also has a great healing power in sores and ulcers
  • It helps prevents kidney stones and makes your knee free of any arthritis pains