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Boundary and Aura Meditation

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Boundaries and aura meditation makes you aware of your energies. With progression, deeper self-awareness can be gained, major personal blocks get released, and one can

succeed in connecting with higher spiritual dimensions. Boundaries and aura meditation works on centering and grounding your auras and chakras. It also recharges and cleanses you energy channels and emotions. It is ideal for psychic readings and energy-based spiritual healing.



Grounding, which is the energy connection between the center of the earth and your body can make you effectively release all the unwanted or excess energies by channeling them to down to the ground. Grounding also makes you aware of the soul within you and helps you to recognize yourself as the spirit in a body. It is very useful to be aware of this connection and the benefits of the downward flow of grounding.


Centering is another important aspect of aura cleansing and boundary meditation and it lets you experience being present and aware as it establishes a center of your body. Centering also allows you to be non-judgmental and aware of others with a sense of neutrality. When you are present in the center of your head, you can respond rather than react to life and its surprises and make the correct choices. You can find all the answers you need to know just from the center of your head.



The Aura, also known as surrounding boundaries are the electromagnetic fields of pure energy that surround your body. Your aura is what your personal energy space is formed of entirely. Defining the boundaries of your aura is another essential part of understanding auras and energy flows. What you have lurking in your aura is what you project out through it, what you are projected as and what you experience and attract to your universe.






  • Prepare a Space, Prepare one self. Finding a quiet, peaceful and comfortable place for yourself creates a relaxing and the right atmosphere for meditation. Lighting a candle or incense sticks or playing some soft and soothing music

makes you even more relaxed and deep breaths with some stretching can give you the right posture.



  • Meditation. Imagine link of energy between your hips and the center of the earth by letting your grounding work a steady downward flow of energy. Release any excess or unwanted energy out of your system through grounding, down all the way to the center of the earth.


  • The next step is top letting your point of consciousness originate in your center of your head. Being aware of yourself from the center is important to open up your awareness of the energy around your physical presence. Now to start to draw your aura at about an arm’s length all around your physical body.



  • Being aware of yourself as a pure soul, made of light energy validates you as a spirit. The aura so created by you is your personal space–define your boundaries, own it and enjoy it. Have your grounding cord off your hips, flowing down to the center of the planet. Keep releasing and moving all the excess or unwanted energies through the grounding cord to the lowest depths of the center of the planet.



  • Whenever you feel that you’re ready to take deep breaths, just go about it gradually and very gently open up your eyes, and move slowly. Notice how you feel different after the meditation and give yourself some time to revel in this piece and enjoy the relaxation before moving on to daily chores.


It is only useful to practice this meditation daily as your awareness of energy can get stronger with more practice.

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