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Forgiveness Meditation

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Our past experiences tend to overwhelm us at times and can create imbalance in our present. Healing meditation is a branch of meditation designed to allow you to not only forgive yourself, but also enables you to let go of the past. It is highly recommended for the ones who seek forgiveness and need to let go the past to welcome the future with open arms.

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It is important to find a quiet, comfortable place to practice this forgiveness meditation. You need to sit in peace for at least 45 minutes where you will not be disturbed. Taking a good hot shower before starting might be very helpful for some, along with wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. It is advised to wait three to four hours after your meal before beginning. This meditation has been found to be the most effective in the early evening.


A good rest is needed after finishing this meditation. It is better to have someone prepare some soup for you after you’re done as you would want to skip dinner altogether and go for at least 2 to 4 hours of rest after the small meal.


You will have metamorphosed abundant energy and your body will feel lathargic and weak. This session will have you quite ahead in the process of healing but the rest afterward will allow you to avoid your issue for several hours. When you wake up, you will notice that there is a substantial clearing in your mind that has left this issue as just a residue of a bad memory.


Following these steps will have you release almost all the energy related to your issues. It is a powerful technique and the energies at work prevent you from judging or blaming others and prolong your healing.

What You Need To Do


  • Pick an issue. Your best choice would be to pick a simple one for starters.


  • An experienced practitioner of meditation can begin this with their usual practices that will relax them, and then can move on with this practice.


  • Focus on your breathing. Follow the incoming and outgoing breaths without trying to control them for about 8 to 10 repetitions.


  • Next is a series of affirmations along with the in and out breaths. Focus on the energy connected with the thought processes and repeat the first part on the in breaths and the second part on the out breath.
  • Focus on the experience or the issue you chose earlier. Remember that you are in complete control now and as you replay the experience in your mind and be objective in understanding and analyzing the conversation(s).


  • Finish and conclude only your portion of the talk and ask for sincere forgiveness if and for when you were rude or unfair or spiteful. Imagine placing your apology inside the most beautiful package and taking it to the person of concern in your mind. Focus more on making a sincere apology without any expectations.


  • Take a break from the thought process and a few deep breaths to recompose you for the next step.

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  • Replay the other half of the conversation, try to listen carefully and understand their point of view.


  • Now imagine the other half of the entire conversation as a whole piece. Remember not to be judgmental but patient and understanding.


  • While looking at this conversation in whatever energetic form it has taken, watch your breaths and repeat the affirmations and imagine that energy as a gift that you no longer need.


  • Now let the energy you got to turn into a pure form of love and light.


  • Next, imagine this gift of love flowing from your heart to theirs and on completion of the transfer wish for the wellbeing of all.


  • Thank them and return to your heart center.