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The Medical Benefits of Yoga

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Enjoy serenity of mind and body with yoga

Yoga has become a popular form of promoting wellness and improving the general health of the body. About 50 years ago, yoga was conceptualized from the Sanskrit word Yuj which refers to unity or integration. Thus, the term yoga depicts the union or integration of a person's own consciousness, harmonizing his spirit, body and the environment. There is more to yoga than just performing flexibility exercises. It involves the person's physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual balance. The common way of achieving this balance and harmony is through exercises, meditation and breathing, which take the three pillars of yoga structures. Yoga provides several health benefits that make a person feel relaxed, stress free, youthful and balanced inside and out.

Yoga increases the body's defense system

Because yoga eases the body's own system to become relaxed and stress free, it boosts the immune system along the process. In a Norwegian study, it appears that yoga optimizes the immune system's activities at its cellular level and it is at its maximum while the person is still on the mat performing yoga that takes the body in a balanced condition. By optimizing the body's general wellness, yoga boosts the body's immune system which is more effective than physical exertion. The breathing exercise in yoga allows the body to generate more oxygen supply to the body, helping the body organs to function well.

Yoga fights stress and improves the body's serenity

Yoga is commonly used as an alternative medical practice that complements the other medical and therapeutic treatments. There are various forms of stress reliever poses that optimizes the body's ability to let go of stress. The Hatha yoga, for instance, is a popular yoga stress reliever for beginners. It involves slow movements that are easier to perform by beginners. Yoga exercises allow the body to breathe, relax and bring mental and physical discipline to its system. As such, it helps a person to experience a relaxed mental state while promoting the body's serenity. As a result, it becomes easier for the body to manage stress and anxiety.

Yoga releases headaches and migraines

There is an increasing report that individuals suffering from migraines experienced improvement of their condition after three months of taking a yoga class. A tensed mind and body can result in migraine and headaches and yoga helps to bring balance to the state of mind and body. Performing the yoga poses allow the body to release muscular tension that often causes shoulder stiffness and consequently result to the symptoms of migraine or headache.

Yoga helps tame your cravings

Based on a research made from the University of Washington, yoga helps the body to be tuned with the mind, thereby making you more aware of the emotional and physical signs of food cravings. As a result, you become more in control with your food cravings and become more aware of your body's needs. With the mind and body connection from yoga, one becomes more conscious and aware of his actual physical needs and emotional food cravings. This gives the person more control on the healthy food choices to choose from to satisfy food cravings.


Yoga Exercise

Yoga strengthens the muscle strength and tone

Yoga is beneficial to individuals who are unable to cope with strenuous exercise in order to maintain their weight and improve their muscular strength and tone. Yoga consists of slow movements which ideally helps the muscle to build its strength and tone progressively without the risk of overuse and muscle strain.

Yoga helps a person to focus on a positive outlook in life

Yoga benefits a person to learn how to improve their coping skills in various situations. The breathing exercises give the person a better control of their emotional and intellectual state. It improves their ability to exercise a sound and balanced decision-making process with a positive outlook and coping mechanism to common stressors of life.

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