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Is Meditation Difficult?

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When asked about doing meditation, the most common reaction given by people is NO.  People think meditation is not for them. The reason behind their negative response is that most of the people find meditation as the difficult thing to do. Sitting with eyes closed for 10 minutes sounds weird for few people.
Here are few reasons why people feel that it is difficult to meditate, along with our few takes by which the solution becomes easier:


  •  In a high pressure work load and job, along with spending life with family, responsibilities, all this make people unable to manage time for meditation.
    If you don't have time, this is exactly why you should meditate. Meditation adds some extra hours to our day. Meditating for 15-20 minutes daily can help improve concentration. So, by concentrating on work, it gets done faster leaving you with extra hours.
  • People feel sitting at a single place with eyes closed for almost 15-20 minutes absurd.

So, the only suggestion for this issue is that, one should at least give a try. I’m pretty sure, you are not going to regret, because most probably you won't realize when the time passed away.

  •  Some people think that once the eyes are closed, what the next step is. They are unaware of the basics of meditation.

So, what you need is to just relax, your mind and body. Practice the meditation through a guide, course or reading material.

  • Some people don't find a silent place to meditate. For them, it's difficult to build up a place where they find nobody to disturb. The noise at home is an excuse.

For this, I just want to say is that you need to switch off your ears for few minutes, even if you are at home, travelling in bus or anywhere. Just have a say over your mind, and switch it off for some time, just in order to meditate.

  • Some people say that when society is facing problems like poverty, unemployment and corruption, I have lots to do for myself and others rather than sitting alone and meditating.

Here's the solution for this problem too. This is exactly the perfect time where if you meditate, it would help you. The strength to cope up with problems of the society can only be gained, if you are mentally strong. It's not only you who become positive, but with the aura of positive vibes, many other get helped too.

  •  People find it really uncomfortable to sit still for so long. If you are sitting with crossed legs, it might be difficult, but you don't need that posture for meditation. The only thing is that you sit the way you are comfortable, on the floor, on chair or anywhere. Only thing you need to do is sit upright.
  • Some people say that even if they try hard, their mind is busy somewhere else. They never stop thinking about a thing or other. Thoughts drive them from one place to another during meditation. The thing you need to feel happy is that now you have become aware of it, whereas earlier you were engrossed in it. This experience of the mind being busy is very normal. Meditation is letting go whatever may arise, may it be doubt, worry, uncertainty. All you need do is pay attention and be with what is.


So, if you are one of those people, who earlier found meditation difficult, now won't come up with an excuse. So, you just need is to meditate, for yourself, inner peace and for others, the positive aura that helps.