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Changing long-term immunity with antibiotics

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Soon scientists will be able to find out how different antibiotics have their impact on bacteria which have a positive role in a healthy immune system. For development of a healthy immune system in the later part of life, which bacteria are necessary, may soon be known to us.


Bacteria in the human body, specifically in the gut, play a very important role in creating a healthy immune system. When antibiotic treatment is used, the antibiotics do not treat good and bad bacteria differently. That is why, it is very important to know the effect of different antibiotics, especially in relation to good bacteria.

Some of the bacteria are absolutely necessary for a healthy immune system in the later stage of life. If those bacteria are found with several different researches and studies, then precautions can be taken to save them from the harmful effect of antibiotics. While using any antibiotic for treatment of a disease or medical condition, the prescribed antibiotic can kill both good and bad bacteria. In such case, the imbalance of bacteria or total elimination of a specific bacteria can result in disaster in regard to a healthy immune system. Without the healthy immune system, the human body will be frequently and severely affect by bacteria and other microorganisms resulting in different diseases and medical conditions. A healthy immune system can ward off the harmful effect of bad bacteria.

In the study, researchers tested two different antibiotics vancomycin and streptomycin. The study was done on newborn mice. The scientists found that streptomycin resulted in increased susceptibility to a medical condition known as hypersensitivity pneumonitis in the later stages of life. On the other hand vancomycin did not have any effect. In the long term, the antibiotics change the bacterial ecosystem of the gut and thereby resulted in different conditions. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis is an allergic condition and it is often associated with people engaged in sausage making, farming etc.

More studies will be needed to find the positives and negatives of different bacteria. Such studies will help in classifying bacteria based on their effects on the human body. Encouragement in increasing the population of good bacteria can be ensured by different methods available to the physicians. Studies will also help in finding out relations of different bacteria with each other and their effect on the immune system of the host.

If the information about the millions of bacteria present in the gut is available to scientists and doctors, then they can help people to understand their bodies better and more importantly, what is good and what is bad in terms of different diseases and medical conditions.

The results of the study can be really helpful for the physicians. The scientists who conducted the research stressed that antibiotic should be used in case of infants when needed. The research will also help in finding out the bacteria that make the patient less susceptible to diseases. The research result will also help in to find out the helpful bacteria. The number of such bacteria can be boosted with the use of probiotics. Probiotics can be a big thing even for the kids and infants besides helping people of different ages. If scientists and doctors know which bacteria are good and help in the prevention of diseases, children can be inaugurated with such bacteria to help them in creating a healthy immune system. Probiotics may also help to avoid some bacterial diseases which are often seen in case of kids and infants. Probably lives of millions of infants and kids will be saved in the future years with the help of such important information about bacteria, antibiotic and their effects.