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Top Best Easy Exercises For Teenagers

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Exercising Teenage


Yes, we know that you guys want that much desired 6 pack and that tiny little waist that every leading actress flaunts. It is called the “I want to be that actor syndrome.” Apparently, this is common among almost all the teenagers around the world. However, the most curious irony is that they find themselves hard to fit in fitness. Just getting through a day of school as if it wasn’t enough, to add on to it are the after-school commitments and to further exacerbate the issue, there comes the syndrome.

What we don’t really get is that fitness is not about superficial looks and flaunting that perfect physique. It runs much deeper than that. It is a sense of well being and good health which can only be attained with quality exercises. This does not mean hitting the gym and lifting heavy weights or making yourself sweat profusely just to make a point.

So what should we do?

The very first thing you need to do is set a goal for yourself, which is challenging yet achievable, then take out up to 60 minutes a day to achieve it and voila!

Well not exactly “voila,” but it’s a start. You can start with the most basic forms of exercises at home and stay fit and healthy.

Don’t Just Stand There

Burn some of those extra calories while waiting for the school bus to arrive. Rock or sway or walk or jog little distance move from a pole to another, or just pace. Any motion that burns calories is a form of exercise. You could always use your backpack as a weight to add resistance.

Walk The Walk

Why do you need to drive to school? Walk to school as often as you can or just pick a parking spot that is a little bit farther from where you usually park.

Sly Stomach

Stealth train your stomach and strengthen it too while walking through the hallways at school. Get a core muscle work on the sly by pulling your belly in, keeping your shoulders back, and breathing in and out deeply. You’ll look good too.


Straighten and stretch. Be it your locker or your bathroom, just lace your hands together with palms facing outward. Straighten your arms over your head and hold for 10 seconds, then touch the hands to your feet and so on.

In Person

Talk to your friends in person instead of texting. Keep walking and conversing for a bonus round to get fitter.

Ads To Abs

Do ab crunches during commercial breaks, we know you’re not fond of those commercials, so might as well make good use of the  time at hand. Challenge your sibling or friend to a contest of crunches or sit- ups or race upstairs and back.

Taking Out The Trash

Try adding more steps or rounds to any chore you do at home. Head upstairs, clean the garbage from one room, then back downstairs to take it outside to the can. Then go back upstairs, clean a different room and take the garbage out. Time yourself and see if you can go faster each week.

Stand Up

Stand up, don’t sit while you’re on your phone or watching TV. Yes, it’s that simple. To shake it up a bit, strike a yoga pose or can add a stretch or a squat every time someone says a certain word.

Go Play

Play with kids. Be cool when you babysit and act and remain active when you’re watching kids. Play tag with them, start a Frisbee game or just plain high hurdle jumping.

Burn ’em Up

Vacuum, clean the house, help your mom with the groceries, organize your closet, help your dad with washing the car, or mow the grass or clean the garage. Yeah, do them for yourself and burn calories.

Make It Sweat

Give those wretched video games a break. Add more lively activities to your routine like dance, a rock band as a hobby maybe, skateboarding, or any other sport that makes you sweat and play harder.