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Importance of Breathing Properly During Exercise

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It is not a secret that you have to do proper when doing any physical activity. When it comes to working out, proper breathing helps a lot more than just pushing that last rep through to finish a set. Breathing properly can have a number of advantages that many people who are working out might be missing out on. We will be discussing a few of them later in this article but first, let's talk about how you use breathing when working out. The normal and proper way to use breathing while working out is to breathe in while on a negative and breathe out while exerting effort. Make sure you breathe in through the nose because it allows us to take in more than we would if we breathe in through the mouth. You can breathe out through the mouth because that allows you to do it faster and therefore breathe in more. Now here are a few benefits of breathing properly when working out.

It Helps In Maintaining Posture

Breathing in allows for chest expansion and therefore helps in keeping our backs straight. This helps in the majority of exercises since most require us to keep our back in line. Arching your back on many exercises like deadlifts, military press, and even shrugs can cause injuries and a broken back is not something you can recover from easily. Proper posture provides safety and makes sure that you hit your target muscle properly. If you hit your target muscle properly, then the more productivity your workout gets and it all starts with proper breathing. Holding your breath during exercise can also cause more problems than advantages so no trainer will allow you or advise you to do that.

Improves Performance

When you breath properly while working out, you take in oxygen that is distributed throughout your body which then allows provides your muscle more power to exert. The more power your muscle has, the more improvements you get in your overall performance. This is not only important to people working out. It is important to everyone in general. The more you oxygen you breathe in, the more your body can use for other functions. Athletes all have their own breathing exercises to improve their performance in their particular sports. Even non-physical sports like chess makes sure that their players are well ventilated so they can focus on their tasks. Pretty much anything in the human body relies on breathing in one way or another therefore, it is important for performance in general.

Improves Cardiovascular Capacity

This goes hand in hand with the advantage mentioned earlier. The better you breathe the more air you take in. The more you take in, the more exercise your lungs and heart get. The more these muscles get exercised, the better they perform. The better they perform, the better you perform. Now with your lungs and heart working like a well-oiled machine in providing your body its much needed nutrients and specifically oxygen, the better you get to do your task on a regular basis. As mentioned earlier, they are all connected.



Improves Fat Loss

The body needs two things to convert fat into energy, water and oxygen. The more you take in, the more your body can get rid of fat, stored water and toxins resulting to weight loss. Regularly taking in water and breathing in properly fuels this process and therefore allows you to lose weight faster and more efficiently. Your body is not dehydrated so that means it can get rid of the water that it is holding on to. Decreasing your water intake and poor breathing habit contributes to a slow metabolism since the body is trying to hold on to the resources it already has, which in turn produces fat. Improved breathing and regular water intakes reverses this process.

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