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7 Uses of Lemon You didn’t Know About

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Lemons are very versatile fruits. They have long been used in various ways in the kitchen and other wise. While most people are aware of the traditional uses of lemons like “ to sooth and alleviate sore throats, add citrus flavor to dishes. But, there are some amazing uses of lemons that are not common knowledge. In this article, we have listed some of the unusual uses of lemon that you didn't know about.

1.      Eliminate Refrigerator Stink

Does your refrigerator gives out a not-so-pleasant smell that makes you cringe? Well, we have a very easy solution for you with lemons. In order to deodorize your smelly fridge, first you need to remove any stinking grocery that is likely the cause of the foul smell, thenchop off a chunk of lemon and squeeze the juice on a cotton ball. Let this cotton ball sit in your refrigerator for a few hours. It will freshen the air inside your fridge and will eliminate the refrigerator stink.

2.      Give your Hair a Shiny Look

Lemon juice is great for hair. If you want to lighten up your hairs, then you can make a hairspray with lemon juice to use on the hairs. Just combine a bit of lemon juice, water and some peroxide in a spray bottle. Spray it on the hairs and go out on the sun. With a few days, you will see that the color of your hairs will be lightened. If that sounds a lot of work of you, then why not try this “ rinse your hairs with lemon juice. To give your hair a healthy shine, mix up a quarter cup of lemon juice in a cup of water and use it on hairs.

3.      Shine Your Copper and Brass

In order to sparkle your tarnished copper and brass articles, mix a quarter cup of salt with enough lemon juice to make a paste. Apply this coating on the tarnished copper and brass articles and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Wash the articles with warm tap water and rinse well. Using a clean cloth wipe it dry.

4.      Use Lemon Juice as a Laxative 

If you are suffering from constipation, you don't have to reach out for a store bought laxative as you can use lemon juice instead. Lemon juice is a natural laxative with no side effects? Just add two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice into an eight-ounce glass of warm water. Drink this waterfirst thing in the morning and when necessary. The citrus juice will help regulate your digestive system.


  1. 5.      Remove Grease From Utensils Naturally

Lemon juice works like a charm when it comes to removing grease from utensils, etc. Just add a quarter of a cup of lemon juice in a spray bottle, fill the rest with tap water. Shake it a few times to mix the solution, use it to remove stubborn grease.


  1. 6.      Disinfect Your Kitchen Cutting Board 

Lightly spray your kitchen cutting board with pure lemon juice, rinse it well. Allow the cutting board to dry thoroughly before you put it away. All the odors will be gone and it will be disinfected.


  1. 7.      Scare Away Bugs

Did you know that insects do not like the acidic smell of lemons? So, if you want to scare them away, just spray lemon juice in those areas. For extra protection, you should wash your kitchen floor with a mixture of hot water and lemon juice.


Now that you have read this article, it is likely that you would want to stock up a few lemons in your kitchen.