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The Benefits of White Tea

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White tea is not the common tea because it only grows in some parts of Asia. For ages, it has been recognized as the magic ingredient from which people become younger.

It is even regarded as the main ingredient of the elixir of youth. Only the finest, youngest leaves and buds are chosen most of the time which are still covered with short white hairs. Because of these hairs, the dried leaves are silvery-white and this is why the tea is called white tea.

Due to minimum tillage and careful selection of the youngest leaves, it has even more antioxidants than green tea does, but, unlike green tea, the taste does not have a little tartness.

The resulting beverage is a mild golden color which may be slightly lighter than green tea and has a more delicate and refreshing taste.

White tea has been known for many centuries in China as a medicine and the elixir of youth, slimness and beauty. It is very rare because it is harvested only a few days of the year.
The Chinese provinces of origin of white tea is called Fujian. The secret lies in the way of curative treatment during harvesting.
White tea defends the body against various infections and is excellent at removing negative substances from the body.

If you choose to lose some extra pounds, white tea may be an excellent choice if you're tired of regular green tea.

The antioxidants in green tea enhance the functions of the organs in the body and hydrate the body as well. White tea has excellent detoxification properties. Regular consumption allows the toxins to get flushed out of the system and thus, the toxins in the body will be considerably less. Moreover, you will feel better, and lighter.

White tea is slightly less bitter than green tea and 25 percent less caffeine which makes it safer to drink in excess.

Because of the great strengthening of the immune system, is in excellent for people suffering from cancer. It relieves discomfort and promotes healing.
White tea is also good for diabetics because it lowers blood sugar and leads to metabolic stability.

When you make a cup of white tea, you’ll notice that it’s got pale, golden color. The flavor will surely suit you because it is very refreshing and pleasant.
Studies have shown that the nutritional level of one cup of white tea is equivalent 12 glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Other medicinal properties of proven scientific research:

  • Oregon Institute has shown that consumption of white tea may protect you from colon cancer
  • Kingston University has also proven that white tea, because of its antioxidant composition, significantly reduces the risk of some cancers, heart disease, arthritis, white tea helps the body to fight against viruses and bacteria
  • Can reduce blood sugar levels
  • Alleviates the symptoms of diabetes
  • Reduces heart disease risk
  • Relaxes the body which helps in reducing stress
  •  It strengthens the  body significantly
  • It reduces the frequency of bleeding gums and tooth decay
  • It is an excellent weight loss aid. It lowers triglyceride levels, LDL cholesterol levels, increases HDL cholesterol levels, improves blood pressure, and enhances metabolism so that you burn fat at a better rate

These are the most important medicinal properties of white tea. Its greatest strength is in the prevention of various diseases. It is recommended that you drink around 2-4 cups a day for its anti-cancer benefits. If you have any of the problems named above, try including white tea into your lifestyle and couple it with other teas as well for their varied benefits and potency.