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Say No to Starvation Diets: Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

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Millions of people today are looking for ways to lose weight. However, not many of them succeed with achieving the result they aim for. Even those who do, are often at risk of gaining all the lost pounds back in a matter of months.

If having a slim and beautiful figure is your dream, you will need to work rather hard in order to make this happen. The good news is that it's not an impossible feat, and if you design your weight loss program wisely, you will be able to literally build the body of your dreams.

Things You Should NOT Do

The key to losing some excess weight and making the result stick lies with understanding the way your body works and reacts to different stimuli. This way, you will be able to determine the path you'll need to take in order to achieve the best results with your personally designed weight loss program.

Mind you, it has to be designed to meet all your individual needs, because every person is different. This means that even though there are some general rules that must be applied to dieting, drawing up an exercise plan, etc., you will need to be sure that your body's peculiarities are accounted for. This kind of approach will improve the efficiency of the program tremendously.

So, the first thing you shouldn't do if you want to lose weight and become a more beautiful and healthier person is following any diets and programs that you find without considering your body's needs first. Thus, you will have to start with consulting a health care specialist that will help you determine what things you actually need to get your body working the way you want.

The most important thing you should avoid is picking up any starvation diets. They are extremely dangerous, and following them will put your health at a serious risk.

Don't Give Up Eating
foodThis is an essential rule of any long-term weight loss program that aims to not just help you get rid of the excess pounds but also ensures that you don't get them back. Many people seem to believe that drastically reducing the amount of calories they consume will help them lose their excess fat very fast.

In a way, this is indeed the truth. Should you cut down on your food intake so dramatically, you will indeed lose weight. However, weight and fat are not the same things in this case. The fact is that such a stress puts your body into the survival mode, and it starts storing fats instead of burning them.

In order to protect the body, your brain forces it to conserve some amount of fats to have a reserve that will help it last through the bad times. However, without consuming enough calories, a person cannot function, so the body starts feeding of its own muscle tissue.

Of course, starvation will make you lose some fat, but it won't be the only thing you lose. The repercussions of this kind of treatment may be severe, as this might damage a person's internal organs and will severely affect their psyche. If you look into the research of the effects of starvation conducted after the WWII, you will see that the mind is more affected by it than the body.

One shouldn't experience these drastic side effects after going on a simple diet, but this doesn't mean that you will be left unaffected. Depression, anxiety, irritability and mood swings are only a few things that one will experience if they cease eating properly.

Therefore, if you truly want to stay healthy and get slim, you should start exercising and eating healthy, instead of torturing your body with diets.