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How to Maximize The Effect of Massage to Your Body

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Massage keeps the body stress free

Getting a massage is undoubtedly one of the best options of making the body more rejuvenated and stress free. Massage therapy has been around for centuries and it now forms as an important adjunct therapy for the treatment of chronic diseases. There are many benefits derived from a professional massage service and it is a proven way of improving one's general well-being. While massage used to be popular only for being a form of a relaxation and leisure, it has currently developed to become a norm of treatment in relieving stress on the muscles, joints, ligaments and soft tissues.

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Massaging the body enhances the blood flow throughout the body while it helps to remove the metabolic wastes that are the common cause of pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints. It also helps to enhance your mood and it promotes a relaxed mind as well. If you want to maximize your massage experience and to enjoy the optimized benefits from a massage, you can do the following in order to ensure that you spend some quality time for a better mind and body rejuvenation experience.

Determine your health goals

By defining your health goals you will be able to choose the specific type of massage that will best address your health needs. Because there are many emerging massage types with distinct styles and therapeutic approaches, you should narrow your choices when selecting for the best option by first understanding why you need a massage. This will help you accomplish of making the right choice on which type of massage therapy will help you attain your purpose.

Understand the different massage therapy types

As you define your health goals, your next step is to understand the various types of massage to help you in selecting the one that will meet your preferences. A Swedish massage for instance will consist mostly of gliding and gentle strokes that aim to promote general wellness and relaxation to the body. This type of massage is best suited for someone who wants to experience a soothing effect on a sore muscle. A shiatsu is a form of a massage that involves the application of a pressure on certain points of the body which provides relief to painful areas.  A hot stone massage involves the use of warm stones that are placed on your body parts to relieve muscle tension through a light massage therapy. The stones help to balance the body's energy and loosen tight and tensed muscles. For chronic pain in the body, a deep tissue massage is perfect as it targets to relieve deeper tissues that are strained and tensed.

Drink plenty of water after a massage

Massage spa services usually offer warm water after a massage session and this is for a good reason. During the massage, the body usually perspires and it needs more water in order to help it eliminate the toxins that were released from the body caused by the increased circulation as a result of the therapeutic response of the body to a massage. Water helps the kidney to become more effective in flushing out the body toxins and other waste products too. By drinking water after a massage, you replenish the liquid lost from the body and it further complements in making the body more effective in eliminating toxins.


Hydrate the body after massage

Hire a professional massage therapist

You can maximize the benefits of enjoying a great and pleasurable experience of a massage treatment when it is performed by a professional massage therapist. Professional therapists are skilled because they receive the proper training and education in massage therapy. Thai massage, Reflexology and shiatsu are just among the many forms of massage that require training. You will feel more confident and safe when the massage therapy is performed by someone with the proper training and can perform accurately the proper strokes and manipulations for more efficient therapeutic effects of a massage.

Wear comfortable clothes

Massage clinics often provide their customers with customized clothes for their massage session to make them feel comfortable. In most cases, there are some who prefer to go for a massage without wearing their clothes but with proper draping. Whatever your choice is, what is important is you make yourself comfortable. Do not have a food intake at least an hour before the massage session.

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Take a nap

A nap is the perfect way of complementing the therapeutic effects of a massage to your body. While the massage brings your body and energy in harmony, a nap will further re-enforce its effect of recharging your body to make it more rejuvenated. Some experts recommend that a thirty minute nap will suffice. However, giving your body a longer time to sleep is the best way of maximizing your massage experience.

Keep away your gadgets and avoid other distractions

You don't get to receive a massage every day and you might as well maximize that relaxing moment you have for the day. Avoid distractions that can keep you away from a relaxing mood and stress free condition such as your laptops, smartphones and other gadgets that can keep your mind and body off from a relaxed mode. It is best to free your day from appointments and activities and devote the day for getting a therapeutic massage while allowing your body to completely recuperate better after the long days of stressful work and activities.

If you want to pamper yourself with a relaxing massage treatment, it is best to do it now.