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Signs And Symptoms That You Are Pregnant

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Signs And Symptoms That You Are Pregnant

In addition to the fact you experienced a delayed period,  you may experience other symptoms that can sometimes announce a pregnancy. Carry on reading and find out the most common signs and symptoms that should make you decide taking a pregnancy test or visit your gynecologist!

Delayed Period

The most famous sign that can make you aware of the situation and it is reliable when you have a regular period and immediately makes you think of a possible pregnancy. But you should know that short bleedings may occur even if you got pregnant in the first 6-12 days after conception, when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall.

Other causes: delayed menstruation does not necessarily mean that you got pregnant, because there are other reasons explaining its absence, such as sudden weight changes, extreme fatigue, hormonal disorders, tension, interrupting birth control treatment.

Swollen And Sensitive Breasts

Swollen and sensitive breasts are often associated with the beginning of a pregnancy, but they may occur only at 1-2 weeks after the moment of conception.

Other causes: your period is approaching, hormonal disorders, birth control treatment, premenstrual syndrome. If the pregnancy test is negative, you can consult a gynecologist for a breast palpation. It never hurts, plus it is recommended go to breast examinations yearly (palpation and ultrasound and in woman over 40’s mammography is recommended).

Bloating And Abdominal Cramps

In the first weeks of pregnancy you can deal with frequent feelings of bloating and abdominal cramps similar to those experienced before or during your period.

Other causes: digestive or gynecological problems. If the pregnancy test is negative, do not hesitate to visit your doctor to find the cause of these symptoms.

Morning Nausea

Morning nausea may occur 2-8 weeks after conception. Some women experience nausea almost on the whole period of pregnancy, while others do not experience this symptom at all

Other causes: food poisoning, stress or other stomach problems that can cause nausea. If you have excluded the possibility of pregnancy, it does not hurt to consult a gastroenterologist.

Food Carvings

Culinary desires may accompany some women throughout pregnancy. But there are cases in which these desires are not manifested more intensely than during the pregnancy period.

Other causes: you may only have a transitory raised appetite or have periods when you simply eat more.

Pregnancy symptoms

Lack Of Energy And Unexplained Fatigue Sensation

Experts say that many women may feel very tired and lack energy during the first weeks after conception,  and attribute these symptoms due to high levels of progesterone.

Other causes: fatigue may occur due to many other reasons such as , depression, intense exercises, cold / flu or other serious diseases.

Frequently Need To Urinate

You may feel the need to urinate frequently, especially during the night. It is thought that a hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) is secreted in early causing  frequent urination need.

Other causes: urinary infection, diabetes, high consumption of liquids in the evening. If you exclude the possibility of a pregnancy, schedule a consultation at your gynecologist or urologist.