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Pregnancy Test – Am I Pregnant ?

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Pregnancy Test

What is a pregnancy test and how does a pregnancy test work? If you feel that your body is acting unusual lately, or simply you are not sure if last night has or has not left long-term consequences? You need to know your options in finding a pregnancy. The first thing you should do is consult the list of signs which can tell you if you really are pregnant, and see if these symptoms are present. If you still think that it is possible, the easiest way to find out if your suspicions are correct is a pregnancy test. All pregnancy tests search for a special hormone in the blood or urine. It present only if a woman is pregnant.

Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test

There are two types of pregnancy tests:

  • Pregnancy test on collected urine
  • Pregnancy test on blood sample

Most women use a urine test to find out if they are pregnant because they are very handy, are cheap and easy to use. If the pregnancy test result is positive, the woman must submit to the doctor. Another testi will be performed on a blood sample and a pelvic exam will be performed. Unlike urine tests, blood tests can detect a pregnancy in the early days. Urine tests can detect the pregnancy only after two weeks.

How does a pregnancy test work?

There are several types of pregnancy tests that can be done at home. For some you must collect urine in a special container and then put inside a cardboard indicator. Others require you to put a few drops of urine on the indicator card. Finding and waiting for the outcome varies with the type of the test. This can take between 5 and 10 minutes. Fortunately, all tests come with instructions for use and reading the results. Pregnancy tests are reliable in 98% of the cases. Despite this their manufacturers recommend retesting after a few days, whatever the outcome. It is very important not to do the test too quickly. The best timing is  two weeks after ovulation.

Precautions in case of a pregnancy test

First of all check the test expiration date and make sure it is not exceeded. If you kept it in a place with plenty of moisture it has deteriorated, so it is best for you to replace the pregnancy test with a new one. If you are not satisfied and think that the test result is not the correct one, call your doctor. He is able to banish any doubt, by performing a blood test and a gynecological examination. The presence of the egg in the uterus can be also be seen using ultrasound and sometimes a blood test is not necessary . Whatever the method of testing if you live with uncertainty if you are pregnant or not, it is time to find out.