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Healthy chips – great taste and Health benefits

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Snaking has evolved. Previously, chips meant bags full of carbs and fat. Even though many companies tried to make healthier chips, they often use ingredients that ultimately resulted in similar nutrition profiles as traditional chips. They all contained high levels of carbohydrates and fat and low levels of protein.

However, with innovation in different fields, innovation has also come to food sciences. There are chips available that are protein rich but contain the role of carb and fat. And importantly, they also taste similar to regular chips.

Some of these chips are low carb chips, some are plant-based, summer low-fat, some are good for dipping and some keto chips are also available.

Different ingredients and flavours

Some chips are made from milk and whey. You will also find chips free from gluten, soy, and potato. Some protein chips are equal parts protein and carbs, but there are some available which offer higher levels of protein but contain low carb. Some other chips are made from vegetable fibre, wheat, protein, egg whites, and whey.

If you like to consume plant-based foods and diets, you will also find some protein chips that are plant-based. These high-protein chips have potato as the first ingredient and they taste closer to the normal traditional chips. These are made from potato flakes and put into starch. The protein in such chips comes from soy.

These chips are also available in different flavors. These chips come with a zesty taste that many customers find interesting.

If you are looking for high-protein snacks, you need these protein chips. Most of these chips are quite thin and crumbling.

If you want vegan-friendly or vegan protein chips, you will also find them among the new protein chips.

Some of the healthy chips are made from soy and casava. Most of the healthy chips are never fried, and they are baked. That's why they contain lesser calories and fat compared to traditional chips.

When you want some healthy chips and want to get some protein from them, you need to read the labels before buying one.

If you are looking for keto chips, you will also find them. These chips are low-carb chips that contain equal parts of protein and fat. They are made using cheese and they look and taste like crispy and crunchy slices of cheese.

Some of the healthy chips that contain high levels of protein are thicker than others. These chips crumble more easily. Reading the levels will help you avoid products you do not want. With the new healthy chips, no, you don't have to forego crunchy, salty, savoury snacks even when you are on restrictive diets or trying to build more muscle.

Quest Nutrition Tortilla Style Protein Chips, Chili Lime, Baked contains less carb. It is as tasty and crunchy as regular Totila chips. However, it provides you with 20 g of protein and 3 g net carbs per bag. These are made of dairy-based proteins to provide your body with nine essential amino acids. These are baked and never fried.