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Is an electric toothbrush better than a manual toothbrush?

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Electric toothbrushes are becoming more popular because of the benefits they offer.

When people hear about electric toothbrushes, they often wonder whether they need one. Many people do not want to buy one because they cost higher than normal toothbrushes. Many do not believe that this process can offer something better than normal toothbrushes. 

So, when you can buy a normal toothbrush at a far lower cost, why do you need an electric toothbrush?

The answer is“because of the benefits that electric toothbrushes can offer you and for the long-term and short-term benefits and money savings. They clean teeth and gums much better than manual toothbrushes.

Research that continued for 11 years found something interesting. The study looked into the effectiveness of electric versus manual brushing. The study found electric toothbrushes much more efficient in removing plaque. 

Experts have been speaking about the benefits of electric toothbrushes for a long time. More and more people are interested in using electric toothbrushes. These electric toothbrushes are better for our oral health.

Electric toothbrushes, especially those with heads that can rotate in both directions, also known as oscillating heads, are very effective at removing plaque. This is beneficial for you because it can keep tooth decay and gum disease at bay.

Why do they use it?

Most of the people who use electric toothbrushes use them for more effective cleaning. A good percentage of the people using them started using them after the advice of a dentist.

Many people also receive electric toothbrushes as gifts and started using them. They continued after they found a benefit firsthand.

With the developed technology, the cost of an electric toothbrush has come down. It is much more affordable now. Battery powered toothbrushes are available for just a few bucks, and the electric toothbrushes are a little costlier than them.

When you look at the advantages of using an electric toothbrush, this is an excellent investment for yourself. This small investment can really benefit the health of your mouth. It can also save you lots of money by reducing the number of times you need to see your dentist.

A study published in the Journal of clinical periodontology found electric toothbrushes resulted in 22% less gum recession and 18% less tooth decay over the period of 11 years that the study continued.

Whether you are using an electric toothbrush or not, it is very important for you to follow a good oral health routine. Using an electric toothbrush makes this task easier for you. You need to brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day using fluoride toothpaste. It is also important to use an interdental brush or floss once a day. By following this good oral health routine, you'll be able to ensure better oral health and keep a healthy mouth.

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