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Healthcare for an insured and underinsured

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If you are insured or underinsured, then it can be very difficult for you to get quality medical service when you need it. The United States is the only major industrialized nation without universal health insurance and coverage quality has gone down in the last few years. As a result of that, you will find inequities in access to care, avoidable mortality and poor quality care, financial pardons on people who are uninsured or underinsured, and also lost economic productivity.

Even though the US spends twice as much on healthcare as the median industrialized nation but it has not achieved the best quality care.

The US has a mixed public-private system of health insurance. It consists of –

  • Federal Medicare program that covers people aged 65 and over. It also covers people who have been disabled for two years or more
  • State Medicaid programs “ cover children from low-income families and in some states their parents as well. It provides long-term care and cost-sharing for acute care for Medicare beneficiaries with low incomes
  • Voluntary employer-based private insurance “ it covers many working families and

Individual insurance

About 16% of the population is uninsured. There are more than 47 million uninsured people in the country.

What happens without insurance

The hidden consequences of failure to ensure universal coverage are well-known. 18,000 people lose their lives annually as a consequence of gaps in coverage.

Gaps in health cover contribute to the underuse of effective services. If someone is uninsured or underinsured, he or she is more than twice as likely to report going without needed care because of course. When they need to go for medical care, they need to spend a high fraction of income on out-of-pocket medical expenses and because of that, they face financial difficulties now and in the future.

So what options do you have?

If you can book a doctor appointment, test, lab, or procedure and pay directly at discounted prices then the total cost can go down drastically. It is also possible to use telehealth or telemedicine because it is very economical. Such telemedicine and tellehealth visits are possible for minor issues. Even when you go for an in-person doctor visit, when you pay the doctor directly, your total cost can be a fraction of what you otherwise pay. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars, you can pay a few. You will also know how much you need to pay upfront before you even go to the doctor. That helps a lot because then you can budget accordingly.

Such telemedicine and in-person visits through telehealth services Can offer you consolidation for different types of issues that you generally face starting from allergies, anxiety, depression, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, migraine, and other minor and major issues. It is possible to receive urgent care, prescriptions, mental health support, dermatology, dentistry, women's health, Pediatrics, sexual health, and other services from such telehealth service providers.

The cost is less in the case of such telly health service providers. Because doctors on such services list their own prices, availability, and services and there are no insurance markups or surprise bills in this service. These telehealth services put power back in the hands of patients and doctors. They essentially eliminate the middlemen that actually drive off cost and help you to save up to 60% on the medical care that you receive.

Sesame is one such telehealth company that offers both telemedicine and in-person doctor visit booking services. It offers low-cost services to anyone whether insured or uninsured. It makes health care economical and available to anyone who needs it. Save thousands of dollars in healthcare with Sesame.