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Mental health is becoming more and more important today because of the heart living conditions and different stress that affect us negatively that originate in the environment. Starting from children, adolescents, adults everyone needs some support and help when it comes to mental health.

Films have a direct and deep impact on people. Since it is a visual and auditory media, it is very easy to influence people with films. It can be a very strong tool in extending and spreading mental health ideas and techniques among different types of people.

An online mental health continuing education course collection and film library can do wonders for people who need mental health support and assistance. It is also very suitable for people who are involved in education and training. The same library is very useful for counselors, psychiatrists, psychologist,s and other people who are in the profession of helping people to overcome their emotional and mental issues.

If you can find a media library that contains hundreds of mental health films and mental health simulations, it can do wonders for your counseling business.

Where can these be used?

Such films and tests can be used in competency testing, to identify non-verbal and body language cues, visual language for lecture and discussion professional and continuing education reviews, cross-comparisons and differentiate between diagnoses.

The mental health containing education courses available can help nurses, doctors, psychologists, counselors, and other healthcare professionals. 

Such a media hub will contain different types of courses that can be used for benefiting the clients who come for counseling. There are films and test sections that include different films and tests related to substance and addictive disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, and child and adolescent issues.

Such tests can also help in proper diagnosing of different issues. They can help in improving the competency and assessment skills of the counselor and therapist. These tests can also enhance training programs. These are very good for students as they support visual learners.

The adolescent period is very vulnerable and they require support for their mental health. If youth-friendly educational initiatives such as film-based interventions can be very useful tools in enhancing positive attitudes towards help-seeking and reducing mental health stigma in adolescents. It is evident that adolescents respond positively to simple, early interventions which may include psychological support, self-help strategies, and educational interventions. But they will be more effective than they are offered in non-clinical settings. Here, films and videos can do and wonderful work.

Even though they have their utility and potential, such approaches have been underexplored and a film is almost an untapped tool and resort that can support the mental health needs of adolescents. These films can target the relevant outcome with the right narrative approach which will have a profound impact and will cause positive changes among the adolescents.

Likewise. The same can be used for changing the attitude and mindset towards seeking help in case of a mental health issue. Even adults find it very difficult to seek help when they suffer from a mental or emotional issue because of the stigma associated with mental health issues.

Symptom Media offers numerous films on mental health education and training. Symptom Media's Mental Health Continuing Education Course Collection offers nurses, doctors, psychologists, counselors, and other health care professionals ACCME  and ANCC accredited courses built around Symptom Media's library of DSM 5 and ICD 10 guided video case studies and assessment tools.