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How to prevent kids from getting head lice

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Head lice is present everywhere. If you have kids and they are with other kids, the risk of getting head lice is always there. It is always better to prevent head lice from reaching the heads of your children. You need to teach your kids to avoid head lice. And the prevention is not that hard because head lice cannot jump from child to child or crawl into your home.

Watch your head

Lice crawl onto the body but they cannot fly or jump. They're generally spread with head to head contact and so if you stay away from head to head contact, the possibility of getting lice from other people will reduce. You need to avoid activities that involve hair to hair contact.

Do not share

Sharing is good but it's not so good in case of head lice. Do not try a hat in a store because many people might have tried it on before you. The same way, it is always better not to share your hats, foodies, beds, towels and pillows with someone who probably has had lice. Lice can also spread on combs and brushes. It is always better to avoid such sharing. Make it a rule and never share things that touch the head.

Avoid the comfy couch

When you see a comfortable couch somewhere, do not sit on that. A comfortable sofa at the library or at the doctor's office may not be a good idea because you never know who set on it before you. Lice eggs can live for about 48 hours on such furniture and rugs. In comparison, a wooden or plastic chair is always better.

You need to regularly clean things that your child's head has direct contact with which they may share with other children. Clean car seats, pillows and headphones regularly.

Check your child for nits (lice eggs) and life head lice at least once a week. They are often found at the back of your child's head, near his neck and behind his ears. You need to wash your child's hair with a good shampoo and hair conditioner. A good shampoo can always remove the head lice from the hair. It'll be easier to check your child's hair while it is still damp.

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