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A Simple Guide to Dental Implants

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Choosing a dental implant as a tooth treatmentoption isa serious decision. It requires approval from a qualified dentist.

Here are all the other importantthings you need to know about dental implants;

The Need for Dental Implants

Even though dental implants are an effective way to replace a missing tooth, most people tend to seek alternatives. Either because they fear the implants procedure or want to compare procedures. Before any dental implant procedure, a periodontist, or gum specialist must first examine the tooth. They have to establish its condition then recommend possible treatment methods. The dentists would only recommend the implant if the other options like root canal treatment and denture are unattainable.


The doctor also looks into your dental and general health conditions before recommending dental implants. The procedure is not the best for heavy smokers, drinkers, and those who grind teeth. They tend to have slower healing and weak fusion.

How to Prepare for Dental Implants

Once you have agreed to dental implants, the dentists give you an appointment based on your availability and the state of your tooth. Use the time before the appointment to prepare mentally and physically. Take all the prescriptions provided by the doctor.

You also need to prepare the body for the type of procedure. If it involves sedation, then you have to fast for 12 hours before the process. It is also the time for the dentist to reshape or graft your jaw to become the right size for the implant.

Schedule your time such that you can have some rest after they procure. Consider taking some days off work and other social engagements. Ensure you have enough food at your disposal during this period. You should also take a break from the regular heavy duties like exercising and childcare.

Proper preparation helps you avoid anxiety and any mishaps.

Recovery after Dental Implants Procedure

Like any other surgical procedure, dental implants surgery requires time to heal. The healing period for dental implants is generally within 5 “ 7 days, with variation depending on the type of procedure. You are likely to experience longer recovery time in case of several implants, osteointegration, sinus lift, and bone grafting.

Your diet also determines how fast you recover after dental implant surgery. Avoid hard food that can get into contact with the implant until it fully heals. Eat soft food while chewing with the non-treated side of the mouth. Some of the foods to eat include avocado, oatmeal, noodles, and baked beans. Avoid spicy, hard, and acidic foods to prevent discomfort and injuries.


Are you missing a tooth or two? Its time you consider consultinga periodontist, or gum specialist for the possibility of replacement. The dentist discerns the need for implants and the type of implants that's right for you. The dentist also prescribes antibiotics and the best recovery process. Feel free to give yourself some time off after a dental procedure, and keep the right diet for faster healing.