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Harmful causes of chronic joint pain

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If you are suffering from chronic joint pain, you will understand how difficult the situation can become for you and your daily life. It will result in trouble in walking, aching, swollen and pulsing knees, inflamed knee joint pain, pain while moving, low energy levels, feeling older and immobile among other problems.

There are three harmful causes of chronic joint pain. They are known as joint pain triad. Let's find out more about them so that you know how to manage your chronic joint pain and get rid of it.

Harmful cause #1

Cellular inflammation

Inflammation is known as one of the leading causes of joint pain, especially in adults over 45. With ageing come symptoms like aches, pains and fatigue and such most common symptoms of ageing are caused by inflammation. It means that most of the sufferings that you have on a daily basis are caused by inflammation inside your joint. If you wake up and find that your joints are stiff and achy or they throb throughout the day, then it is because of inflammation in your joints. Such inflammation strips away most of your daily life happiness because you cannot even do things that you want to do and things you'd like to do because of the problematic knees. Inflammation is at the root of the pay your suffering from.


If you can handle the inflammation, you will be able to rectify most of the problems in your joints. If you can eliminate inflammation in your joints, it will altogether eliminate different joint pain and problems.

Harmful cause #2

Postural misalignment

This is the second harmful cause of chronic joint pain. Your posture can decide a lot about your daily life. You may not realize but your posture or how you stand, walk or even sit can cause havoc on your knees. It is known as the silent killer.

A scientific study published in 2004 found that even a 5% misalignment of your knee can cause a 70 to 90% increase in added stress in the joints. Such a dramatic increase in load can cause fourfold increase in the risk of worsening the knee over 18 months. So, simple and small misalignment can be a big and long term problem for you. It can result in osteoarthritis and other debilitating knee problems.

This can be more difficult for people who are overweight. It is very important to realign your entire body to ensure that your knees are not destroyed.

Having postural problems can be very common and you may not even know about it. It is why, following the proper posture is very important to ensure saving your knees from future problems.

Harmful cause #3

Cartilage deterioration

The evil joint pain triad has another member-cartilage deterioration. Joint instability is one of the leading causes of cartilage breakdown. How do you know if you have cartilage deterioration? If you experience sudden shifting, popping or cracking in your joints or if you experience soreness or swelling after activity, you may have a problem of low cartilage in your joint.

Loose joint is a common condition which may also result in cartilage breakdown. If you move around too much with loose joints, it can slowly injure the cartilage over time and ultimately can cause cartilage breakdown.


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